14 May 2017

Here it is...Artemis Faculty Committee 17/18!


With the end of two weeks of gruelling interviews, we have shortlisted our new Faculty Committee members! Before we unveil them, we would like to give a BIG THUMBS UP to everyone who have applied for Artemis FC, because your faculty spirit is what we take pride in here at Artemis! Regardless of the results, please do support your Faculty Committee in the upcoming year :D Are you readyyyy? Because here is your new faculty committee 17/18! 

Search Results


Search Results

Jonas Gng (17S69) - Faculty Head

Hi Artemis! I'm Jonas from s69 and I'm honoured to be your fac head this year :) if you see me around school do come up and say hi, although I'm probably sleeping at my CT bench (oops).

Hilary Mah (17S61) - Deputy Faculty Head

heyyo Artemis!! I'm Hilary from 17S61, happy to be your dep fac head :") I love singing, listening to music and the colour white xD I'm actually really bubbly and outspoken once you get to know me \( ˆoˆ )/

here's a short poem about me:
Standing tall, though small, I'm cheerful and bright. 
I'm an advocate of spreading positive vibes!
You'll never fail to spot my smile abound, 
So do say hi if you see me around!

Markus Wee (17S61) - Logistics IC

WASSAP ARTEMIS! I'm Markue from 17S61 and I am honoured to be serving you as your Logistics I/C. I have a happy-go-lucky attitude and I like to see the lighter side of things. I enjoy lazing around doing nothing during my free time and I'm also a huge fan of hip hop music. Looking forward to spending an awesome year with all of you!!!

Jerome Pui (17S61) -Publicity IC

Yo Artemis! I'm Jerome from 17S61, one of your new Publicity I/Cs! I am a friendly and easygoing person xD Some of my hobbies are playing frisbee and listening to music like kpop whenever I am free :D I am very thankful for this opportunity and excited to serve you guys! Hopefully we will have an awesome year ahead together! ^_^ 

Monique Sin (17S63) - Activities IC

Hi I'm Monique Sin! A fun fact about me would be that I have a dog, called Milo! I'm a very good hype man and I sing very well! Looking forward to work  with y'all!

Calynn Tan (17S65) - Secretary-Treasurer

Sup Artemis!! I'm Calynn from 17S65:D I love watching running man, fooling around and doodling smileys (bc I can't draw anything else HAHA) 

Fun facts about me:
- I look v diff from the photo here though it's taken this year too cuz I don't have hair now XD
- The longest I have gone without sleep is 49 hours
- I've been playing Scrabble for 11 years (since I was 6 :D)

Lim Zhe Xun (17S67) - Activities IC

Hey Artemis! I am Zhe Xun from 17S67. \( ˆoˆ )/ I'm grateful to be part of the Faccomm as activities IC and I am looking forward to the year ahead of us! Here are some things I dislike:


Chua Jieyang (17S69) - Sports IC

hello!! i'm jieyang, one of your new sports ICs! some things about myself: i'm a super chill person & i love FOOD, hope to get to know all of you and see you all around soon~

Richard Edrick (17S6B) - Publicity IC

Hi Artemis! I’m Richard Edrick from 17S6B and I’m really honoured to be a Publicity I/C in Faccomm  Here are some facts about me (that you probably wouldn’t know):

1. I’m from Indonesia but I’m Chinese :P
2. I sleep when you’re awake and asleep when you’re asleep
3. There’s a youtube series featuring me made by my classmate :D

Tsuei Yi Ching (17S6B) - Dance IC

Hey Artemis! I am Yi Ching from 17S6B and I am really honoured to be chosen as one of the Dance ICs :") I will try my best to help make POP as lit/enjoyable as possible and let's have a great year ahead! 

Fun Facts: 
- I love to dance :)
- I am good at random things that are really useless 
- I love cats!!!

Kenneth Wu (17S6D) - Activities IC

Hey Artemis! Im Kenneth Wu from 17S6D & Im super excited to be a part of Artemis Faccom 17/18 as the Activities I/C. Looking forward to the year ahead working with you guys! I usually spend my free time binging on anime or catching up on manga. I may look intimidating but i dont bite. Im also 100% zoned out like 50% of the time so when im not feel free to say hi!

Joanne Yeo (17S6D) - Dance IC

hello artemis!! i'm joanne from 17S6D and i'm really excited to serve you as dance IC in the coming year :) some facts about me: i love strawberries but not strawberry-flavoured stuff, i can make really ugly faces, and i love travelling & visiting new places!! looking forward to a great year ahead woohoo

Keane Teo (17S6F) - Logistics IC

Hi everyone! I'm Keane from 17S6F and am keen to serve as a logistics ic in FC! One thing about myself is that I'm an avid animal lover! Though I may seem reserved, I am actually very open to sharing my thoughts/emotions with others once I get to know them better :D  All the best for the year ahead!!!

Chan Yu Cheng (17S7B) - Sports IC

HEY ARTEMIS!!! I am Yu Cheng :) Really looking forward to working with you all in the next year as a Sports IC!! Fun facts about me: 

-I am a vegetarian! RIP tastebuds 
-I love the outdoors and my other CCA is Outdoor Education Student Committee! (Shameless promoting #joinoutlast) 
-I was from Nanyang Basketball!

Timothy Tan (17S7D) - Publicity IC

Hi Artemis, I am timothy from 17s7d and I'll be serving you as your pubs ic over the next year.


Zhao Jingjing (17S7F) - Activities IC

Hey Artemis!! I’m Zhao Jingjing from 17S7F and I’m very grateful to be part of Artemis faccomm as the Activities IC!!! Hope to have a great year ahead :D
Here's some interesting facts about myself:

I love listening to music
I cant survive without a cup of coffee every morning
I can speak Japanese

AND THERE WE GO! As our next 16-strong Faculty Committee steps up for the year ahead, please do give them your fullest support! \( ^_^)/ As a bunch of Artemisians passionate about the faculty, be assured that they will give nothing besides their very best in serving you guys, so look forward to their legacy as they write our Artemis story together!


With Love,
Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17

4 May 2017

New HEADS of the Pack!


We are proud to present our new COOL, BLUE and SEXY faculty heads for Artemis in 2017/18! Jonas Gng from 17S69 and Hilary Mah from 17S61 will be stepping up to lead our Faculty Committee 17/18 and the pack in the upcoming year, so please do give them your fullest support! 🐺

Fig 1: Cool New Faculty Heads

Much cool,
Such blue,
So sexy,
Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17