23 Apr 2017


Hey Artemis!

A really big thank you to all of you who came down for Stardust and we hope you've enjoyed yourselves! The event was a huge success thanks to all of you - performers and participants, and we are truly grateful for your immense support. To reminisce the magical night, here are some photographs! 

For the complete set of photographs, please use this link! https://tinyurl.com/artemisstardust

Haven't had enough of cutesy dances? You can also replay our Faculty Committee performance on Youtube @ https://youtu.be/K5P0PYWtjHE

We apologise for being unable to air the montage on such a crucial night and to keep you guys in suspense... Here it is! https://youtu.be/C74wjFBKuf4

With the end of our last event, we would like to thank everyone who have walked this journey alongside us and given us so much encouragement. Rest assured, because Artemis faculty committee will continue to deliver stellar events! 

With love,
Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17

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