9 Apr 2017


May contain information UNSUITABLE for the faint hearted. Certain messages are EXCESSIVELY cool, blue, and sexy. Do NOT screenshot, distribute, nudge and show the person to your right, or send to your class WhatsApp group without consideration.

                            HELLO ARTEMIS!!                                   
Are y'all excited to get dressed for the upcoming faculty outing? We just can't wait to see y'all shine like STARS!! With the mystique of the venue and blinding stage lights, a formal and smart suit/dress will set you for the night! For the clueless, uncertain, or people with a thick wallet, do increase the brightness of your screen and proceed to our long waited   *deep breath*   ARTEMIS LOOKBOOK!!


For the pretty ladies, STUDS / GALAXY / GLITTER / REFLECTIVE / VELVET styles are perfect for you! Surprise the faculty with your fabulous fashion and light up the night! 💕 Even if the boys don't hit on you, the limelight will! 

Disclaimer: Please do not come dressed with too many ornaments or people may mistake you as a Christmas tree. 


For the aspiring lady-killers and other gentlemen, you can show up in FLASHY AND STUNNING suits as well!! Never hesitate to try something new and look afresh! And fret not, here are some inspiring outfits for you to take a look at! ✨


Last but not the least, some amazing ACCESSORIES can be your personalized highlight of the night! 🔥

and MORE!

Already feeling sexy? Just stay cool, grab your ticket, call your friends, and the night is going to be great!! 

But bear in mind, my young adults, we do expect you not to wear inappropriate clothes to this formal school event (e.g. bareback, no baring of midriff, no mini skirts etc.).

Also, we do understand that a few of you will have just finished your competitions / training / CCA on that evening, so please do not feel pressurized to dress up, just come and join us while making yourself comfortable! The ultimate aim of this outing is for YOU to HAVE FUN!!

See you soon @ Stardust !! 🌌

With Love,
Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17

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