24 Apr 2017

🐺 Artemis Faculty Committee 17/18 Interviews! 🐺


As Artemis FC 16/17 steps down, it is time for us to elect the new committee from the capable pool of juniors in the 2017 batch! Knowing the potential we have, it's going to be a string of interesting interviews and we are looking forward to it! Candidates, please try to keep 2, 3, 8, 9 May free, but look out for your specific interview dates soon! 

The following is the list of wolves stepping up to lead the pack:

17S61                          Chen Jia Wei, Wee Xin Yang Markus
17S63                          Thio Leng Kiat, Sin Siok Teng Monique, Brandon Lin Zhan Hong

17S65                          Calynn Tan Shu Wen, Koh Gao Jie Evan, Ho Zi Ming

17S67                          Chia Tse En, Tan Liang En Brendan, Lim Zhe Xun, Ng Ting Shan Andrew

17S69                          Chua Jieyang, Wu Boxuan, Li Ziyu Edwards

17S6B                          Richard Edrick, Lim Ze Li (Presca)

17S6D                         Phneah Wei Xuan, Wong Zi Xi Jovan, Kenneth Wu Rong Jie, Megan Calista Likin

17S6F                         Tan Qi Yun Jonathan, Teo Jing Xiang Keane, Lu Yifan

17S7B                         Robert Wang Haojia, Chan Yu Cheng, Andrew Ke Yanzhe       

17S7D                         Timothy Tan Zhen Xin

17S7F                         Wei Yongxi, Zhao Jingjing, Lai Tian Lang

Dance I/Cs                 Bin Xin Ti Beatrice (17S63), Eugene Tang KangJie (17S63),
                                 Glades Tan Hui Min (17S63), Liu Zhaoyan (17S67), Tsuei Yi Ching (17S6B), 
                                 Lim Xin Yi Daphne (17S6B), Yeo Kai Qing Joanne (17S6D), Carolyn Koh (17S7D), 
                                 Jorshall Law Jin Hao (17S7D)

Publicity I/Cs            Jerome Pui (17S61), Brandon Lin Zhan Hong (17S63), Daryl Low (17S63),
                                 Glades Tan Hui Min (17S63), Maple Ee Fang Qi (17S65), 
                                 Liu Zhaoyan (17S67), Lim Ze Li (Presca) (17S6B), Richard Edrick (17S6B),
                                 Carolyn Koh (17S7D), Jorshall Law Jin Hao (17S7D) 

What fun is an interview without any prior preparations and surprises? There are tasks candidates are required to complete and bring to the interviews. All C1s eyeing a spot in the faculty committee must complete the necessary tasks for all the roles they are applying for, as stated below.

Each role has its own compulsory and optional tasks. For the compulsory tasks, they are the minimum requirements expected of you when you turn up at the interview. As for the optional tasks, they provide you with more avenue to justify your ability and display your skills and more fundamentally, they may be a measure of one's desire and willingness to put in one's best.


Just come mentally prepared :)

Activities I/Cs:


A faculty outing is an event whereby the faculty comes together as a whole for a night of fun and joy. It typically consists of performances by members of the faculty (occasionally including those from other faculties) as well as games that classes or representatives of the classes get to play. The purpose of such an event is to bring the faculty together to foster a stronger faculty spirit and allow friends to bond with each other through a night of good food, fun games and exciting performances, leaving behind beautiful memories. There is a budget limit of $17 per pax.

Keeping the above in mind, come up with a proposal for a faculty outing according to one of the following themes:
  • Futuristic
  • Ethereal
  • Vacation/Travel

The proposal should include the following:
  • Venue
  • 3 games that would entertain audiences and are within the following restrictions; include a list of logistics required and manpower requirements:
    • 1 pair of participants from each Artemis Class;
    •  Maximum duration of each game: 20 mins;
    •  Game space of 7x5m;
    •  Budget of $100 in total.
  • Event action plan
  • Publicity plans (banner, bridge announcement, etc.)
  • Fac Comm work allocation

B) OPTIONAL TASK(S) (Choose 1 of the following)
  • Prepare an action plan for Faculty Introduction (during Orientation).
  • Propose a theme for Orientation and possibly publicity stunts
    • Note: The publicity stunts this year included the orientation banner, the staircase display and the vertical banners hung at the inner plaza

    Logistics I/Cs:

    A) COMPULSORY TASK(S) (Complete 1 and either 2 OR 3)

    1) The Artemis faculty CIP is an annual carnival jointly organised by Club Rainbow Singapore and Artemis Fac Comm to allow disadvantaged families have a day of fun. These families may have children who are mentally and physically disabled. Some of the activities that will be hosted include game booths, a walkathon and performances. Assuming the activities are held at the Singapore Zoo, prepare a logistics list for pre-event, the event, and post-event, including publicity items (Eg. Fac cip shirt) and clean-up.

    2) You are tasked to contact a list of sponsors for the Artemis faculty outing. Explain the type of sponsors you would choose to contact. Support your choice with detailed elaboration. 
    Usually, contacting sponsors would mean writing an email and giving them a call. Craft a sponsorship email for an upcoming Faculty Outing with an estimated attendance of 350. Using the theme “Stardust”, sell your FO to your sponsor. At the same time, prepare a list of possible questions to be asked when you call the sponsors.
    Furthermore, you have been tasked to be the First Aid IC for the upcoming OCIP trip to Surabaya. You will be staying at Kaliandra Eco Resort and some of the activities carried out are construction works, cooking, and lessons for students.
    Prepare a logistics list for the first aid kit. Additionally, propose a Risk Assessment Matrix for the entire trip. Make them as comprehensive as possible.

    3) Prepare a detailed action plan for an upcoming bridge announcement. There will be no fixed budget allocated but do take into consideration the price of logistics required. Additionally, carefully consider feasibility and plan out all mechanisms to make sure the bridge announcement proceeds smoothly. Take into account previous bridge announcements that you may have watched to have a better idea of what may be needed to enhance the scene. Assume Fac Comm has a maximum strength of 16 people.

    a. Proposed plan for bridge announcement:
    For the entire bridge announcement, the sound effects and music will be played through the AV system. The bridge announcement is set at a ball, where there are 3 pairs of dancers dancing on the bridge. As the ball proceeds, the pompous organiser is carried out by her two subordinates who put her down and serve by her side. She promises the people at the ball that she will bring joy and fun to them. At this moment, another subordinate of her rushes in to tell her of what is happening beyond this ivory tower of hers. Displeased that the subordinate killed her mood, she orders for the subordinate to be executed. The killing takes place and at the moment of execution, Mr Mime appears to interrupt the ball. He causes a mess at the scene, causing the chandelier to drop and the release of the balloons that were used to decorate the ballroom. Mr Mime then announces his invitation for all to attend this exclusive ball which the pompous organiser had selfishly organised for her closest of friends. As Mr Mime releases the details of the event, the banner is unveiled.

    Sports I/Cs:

    • Propose a new cheer that is to be used for Orientation
    • Strategize and form teams for both boys and girls for Combined Sports Meet (for all events stated below)
      • 12 x 200m relay
      •  8 x 50m relay
      •  4 x 50m swimming relay
    •  Strategize and form teams for Festival of Sports for the following games:
      • 5v5 Street-Soccer (Girls team) *maximum of 2 school team players*
      • 6v6 Floorball (Boys team and Girls team) *maximum of 2 school team players*
      • 7v7 Tchoukball (Boys team and Girls team) *maximum of 2 school team players*
      • Team of 6 Badminton players (2 doubles & 2 singles, boys and girls team) *maximum of 2 school team players*
      • Plan an inter-class sports competition for the faculty in the form of a proposal. The proposal should include:
        • The sport(s) chosen and the rationale behind it
        • The rules of the sports
        • The match fixtures
        • Any other additional information
      B) OPTIONAL TASK(S) (choose any)

      • Based on this year's War Games rules and regulations, come up with a strategy for Artemis to win the War Games.
      • Prepare a speech to address the Faculty to get them hyped up and excited for War Games

      Dance I/Cs:


      • Choreograph 45 seconds of a dance in the style of POP
      • Choreograph 45 seconds of a dance to showcase your skill in general (any genre)
      • Propose an idea for Fac Comm performance for Faculty Outing. You can come up with your own theme for the Faculty Outing!

      Publicity I/Cs:

      • Design a new wolf mascot, and incorporate it into a new faculty shirt design for Artemis
      • A new merchandise to be given to the C1s (justify item + design)
      • A publicity plan and ideas for Orientation 2018 (justify + design)

      B) OPTIONAL TASK(S) (minimum 1, choose any number)
      • A photo/video montage (within 3 minutes) regarding the recently Faculty Outing 1 - "Stardust" (Photos can be found on the blog)
      • Faculty Committee shirt design (the design must be different from the faculty shirt design under compulsory task, although similar elements can be used)
      • Faculty CIP shirt design (beneficiary: Club Rainbow Singapore)
        Preamble: The Artemis faculty CIP is an annual carnival jointly organised by Club Rainbow Singapore and Artemis Fac Comm to allow disadvantaged families have a day of fun. These families may have children who are mentally and physically disabled.
      • Create a new Artemis Faculty Blog/website

      • Past physical and/or digital artwork and designs
      • Past photographic and/or videographic projects
      • Past website designs and/or coding

        Aaaaaand that's about it! Should you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to direct them to your senior CT reps or Fac Heads! All the best for your interviews!

        With love,

        Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17

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