20 Apr 2016

Nosta19ic Fashion!

Hi Artemis!!

The Artemis Faculty Outing 1 2016, NOSTA19IA, is just three days away! Thinking about what to wear to FO? Don't worry, Artemis FacComm is here to help! As the theme has to do with our childhood of the late 90s and early 2000s, the general dress code is to dress up like the cartoon or game characters of the 2000s! Here are some wardrobe choices you can consider while coming to FO :>

Level 1 - Bright Colours

Just like the striking colours of many cartoon characters of our childhood, dress up with all the colours of the rainbow! 

Level 2 - Accessorise!

Apart from colourful clothing, there are a wide range of accessories available to make you look like your favourite cartoon character! Don't be afraid to be creative :D

Image result for pikachu ears

Level 3 - Onesies!!!

Don't dress up like a character. Be the character. For the brave-hearted - try this at your own discretion :) 

If none of the options appeal to you, the dress code is smart casual!

Style up and turn up! See you at NOSTA19IA!

With Love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16

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