28 Mar 2016

Artemis Faculty Item 2016!!

Hey Artemis!

Apart from the upcoming Faculty CIP and Faculty Outing, the long-awaited Artemis Faculty Item is finally out and ready for orders as well!

This year's Artemis Faculty Item is a jacket!

These cool blue and sexy jackets are made of super COMFORTABLE and COZY material! They all come with a hood, a zipper and front pockets, and all these are come with an affordable price :D Here are some photos for your reference:

Also, this jacket is going to be a beautiful ROYAL BLUE colour that looks like this in real life:

Side View!
Front View! 

These jackets are not only a symbol of Faculty Pride (for you to show how cool blue and sexy you are :D), but also keep you warm during lectures, when you're freezing during rainy days and in cold classrooms. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders from your CT Rep right away! 

With love, 

Artemis FacComm 15/16

10 Mar 2016

Artemis Dramafeste 2016 - We All Fall Down

Hi Artemis!

Hope you enjoyed the stunning performance put up by our fellow wolves in our very own Artemis play, We All Fall Down! Last Friday (4th March) was certainly a night to remember, with four faculties putting up plays that were special in their right.

Here are some of the photos from our play!

A group photo of the Artemis Dramafeste team:

Lastly, a message from our Dramafeste I/Cs:

"Hi Artemis! A big THANK YOU to everyone who has showed support either as a part of the production team or a part of the audience. 

To the crew, thank you for staying back after school to help out with the design and the production of the stage props! To the cast, thank you for pulling off spectacular performances on both nights of Dramafeste! We know it has been a tough two weeks, but all the enthusiasm and hard work has paid off on stage! Finally, to the audience, thank you for taking time off to attend Dramafeste and to support your fellow faculty mates! We could feel the strong faculty spirit as we all cheered for Artemis :)

Finally, we hope you have had a great time throughout this Dramafeste journey, and enjoyed our play We All Fall Down! Thank you so much!!! <3 i="">

We hope you have enjoyed We All Fall Down, and all the best for Dramafeste '17!

With love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16