18 Feb 2016

D-1 to POP 2016!

Hey junior wolves!

The official POP dance practice sessions have came to an end and we hope you are all well-rested and well prepared for POP tomorrow!! 

You can refer to the videos below for video tutorials to the 2016 Faculty Dance!

FYI - TroyBoi

Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang

Dope - BTS

The Fox - Ylvis (Remix)

We also have a few reminders from our Dance ICs:

- Remember to cheer Ar-Ar-Artemis while forming up the lines
- Shout the chants!
- Be focused throughout the dance
- Gather at the front for a cheer after the dance
- Most importantly, enjoy yourselves!!!

With love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16

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