19 Feb 2016

Artemis Dramafeste 2016

Hey Artemis!

Dramafeste is approaching really really soon and we hope that all of you are hyped up for the play put up by our very own faculty! Ticket sales have already begun and are going at $5 for 3rd March and $7 for 4th March. Sign-ups are based on a first-come-first-serve basis on EMB so do grab your tickets now and come down to support our faculty's play!

The theme for this year's dramafeste is dominoe, and our play is titled We All Fall Down. Want to know more about the plot? Make sure to come watch the play at High School Drama Centre on 3rd and 4th March!

Do purchase the tickets and come down to support your fellow J1 classmates who are the bulk of our cast and crew and as for the seniors, come down to support your juniors! We really hope to see you there!

With love,
Artemis Faccomm 15/16


Hey junior wolves!

Today is THE DAY that you've all been working so hard for! Refer to the video below for the dance formations!

Artemis POP Formations 2016


With love,
Artemis FacComm 15/16

18 Feb 2016

D-1 to POP 2016!

Hey junior wolves!

The official POP dance practice sessions have came to an end and we hope you are all well-rested and well prepared for POP tomorrow!! 

You can refer to the videos below for video tutorials to the 2016 Faculty Dance!

FYI - TroyBoi

Bang Bang Bang - Big Bang

Dope - BTS

The Fox - Ylvis (Remix)

We also have a few reminders from our Dance ICs:

- Remember to cheer Ar-Ar-Artemis while forming up the lines
- Shout the chants!
- Be focused throughout the dance
- Gather at the front for a cheer after the dance
- Most importantly, enjoy yourselves!!!

With love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16

Orientation 2016!

Hey Artemis!

Orientation is drawing to a close, and we hope you've had a memorable time with your OG mates and your new classmates! Here are some photos of the entire experience, starting from when we first met you at the Faculty Meeting :)

Prepared and ready to go for War Games the next day!

Artemis defenders and attackers working in tandem on the battlefield:

An Artemis Family Photo ^^ It was tiring after war games, but great job everyone!

The day after War Games was Campfire Night! Everyone enjoyed the performances for the Sodache Challenge, and enjoyed singing, dancing, and cheering during the Sodache session! The night rounded off with the Campfire Light Up.

Although Orientation 2016 may have ended, we hope that you will form lasting bonds with your faculty and your classmates for the next two years! All the best, J1s!

With love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16

14 Feb 2016

D-5 to POP 2016!

Hi J1s!

Hope everyone had fun during your two weeks of Orientation! As you know, the highly anticipated Post Orientation Party (POP) is just around the corner. POP will be held on the night of Friday, 19th February this year, at the Central plaza. Everyone has been working hard (and dancing harder) during the dance practices so far! Keep up the good work :)

Here are our performances from last Friday, during campfire night:

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015:

Artemis Faculty Dance 2016:

After watching the dances, don't you just want to learn how to dance them too? Worry not, because the Artemis Faculty Dance 2016 video IS OUT!!!

(Tutorial videos are coming really really soon!)

Work hard, party hard! See you during dance practices!

With love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16