14 Dec 2016

Night of the Blue Moon ☾

Hey Artemis!

Thank you all for coming down to Hort Park MPH for FO2 - Once Upon A Blue Moon! Unfortunately, the magic of the blue moon has dissipated. Artemis Faculty Committee truly hopes all of you enjoyed yourselves, and we look forward to your support for our future events. We would also like to thank all performers for putting up a stellar show!

For photo booth images:

Here's the photos:

Thank you Low Kaiyi of 16S69 for helping us photograph the unforgettable night!

With love,

Artemis FC 16/17

30 Oct 2016

D-11 Artemis FO2 - Once Upon a Blue Moon

Hey Artemis!

Just 11 more days to our second Faculty Outing of 2016 - Once Upon a Blue Moon!! Are you hyped for a night when the moon turns blue and magic fills the air? Because we sure are!

Castle gates will open at 6pm, and the magic will dissipate when the clock strikes 9. Do come dressed in your favourite fairy tale characters, because there will be an award for the most creative outfit! There will also be a treat for the class sporting the most coordinated outfits! If all else fails, a onesie always works wonders :D

Although we would love to have the pixies guide your way, they are having a ball of a time at Hortpark, so you will have to find your way yourself! Have no fear though, because we are here to help!

Advised route to FO2 Hortpark MPH:
1. Take the MRT to Harbourfront (NE1/CC29) and exit via Exit C.
2. Head towards Bus Stop 4, right outside Vivociy. 
3. Take either bus 61, 97, 100, 166 to the stop SP Jain (8th stop). 
4. Alight at SP Jain, then follow the Hortpark trail beside Alexandra Arch to reach Hortpark MPH.
5. Enjoy a magical night!

You can also refer to the video for the route: 

or use the link: https://youtu.be/oV11XYkoj1k

Hope to see you there! 

Bearers of magic,
Artemis Faculty Committee 16/17

15 May 2016

Say hi to your ** ARTEMIS FAC COMM '16/'17!! **

Hello Artemisians! =)

After two weeks of interviews and thorough decisions, we are glad to have put together the next Faculty Committee! Firstly, we would like to thank all applicants who applied for a spot in FacComm. A REALLY BIG THANK YOU for putting in so much effort into preparing for the interviews, fulfilling the tasks and preparing for the auditions! Regardless of the results, we hope that all of you can support FacComm in the coming years :) Without any ado, presenting to you the... (drum roll please)


Liu Chunxi from 16S7F as the Faculty Head

Hellooooooo Artemis!! I'm chunxi :> I'm tasked to make this short intro as interesting as I can but I really couldn't think of fun facts about myself oops. I like to eat, dance and hang out with friends!! And I'm kinda introverted so I'm usually very quiet around people whom I don't know. But actually I'm really noisy and bubbly haha :D

Tee Zhi Zhang from 16S6B as the Deputy Faculty Head

WASSUP Artemis!! I am zhizhang and my surname is 郑(zheng) so that will make me zzz! (please do not zzz while reading this though) I love to play basketball but haven't got to play it in a long while now :( I also love to listen in music whenever I'm free! I can't resist eating good food (who can??), some of my favs are cotton candy^, carrot cake, prata and pizza!! However, fun fact: I'm a vegetarian :O

Jonathan Mui from 16S61 as the Logistics IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Jonathan from 16S61 and I'm grateful to be serving you guys as logistics ic of the faccom! Hope we will have a great year ahead! Some fun facts about me:
-I love playing sports (I play almost any game but I'm not very good at racquet sports)
-I love to eat (ironic)
-I am into photography as well

Yan Kai from 16S63 as the Activities IC

Hello Artemis!!! I'm Yan Kai from 16S63 & I'm really happy to be the Activities IC!! hoping we'll have a blast in the year ahead : ) my hobbies include dancing and reading, & I'm a major swiftie!!!

Liew Bing En from 16S65 as the Sports IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Bing En from 16S65, one of your new Sports ICs! Chilling is my favourite past time and of course, so is eating ;) Hope to see you guys around soon!

Ding Ke from 16S67 as the Publicity IC

Hey Artemis! ( ̄▽ ̄) I'm Ding Ke from 16S67. I'm really grateful to have the chance to serve you all in the coming year! I'll definitely do my best, and see you soon ♪
Fun facts about myself:
- I love eating raw carrots
- I have never met a person of the same age as mine with a hand smaller than me in my life

Joel Chan from 16S69 as the Activities IC

Hey Artemis! I am Joel (Chan) from 16S69 and I am glad to be part of the Artemis Fac Comm as Activities IC! Looking forward to the year ahead with you guys. Fun facts:
- Totally did not crop out anyone in that pic
- I love to play sports so if anyone's free please come and play with me
- Forever sleeping in classes

Zheng Lilin from 16S69 as the Dance IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Lilin from 16S69 and I am really honoured to be a part of the Faculty Committee as Dance IC! Really hope that we will have a great year ahead! :fun facts about me:
- I am not entirely Chinese, part of me is Portugese as my grandmother was from Portugal!
- Sleep is always my priority
- I love food as much as food loves me

Wong Yuling from 16S6B as the Activities IC

Hey everyone! I'm Yuling from 16S6B (: One of the things I love to do the most is EAT hehe. If you see me around, you'll probably catch me eating or stealing people's food :P When I'm not, I'm either singing or cracking lame jokes heh. Really excited to be a part of the Faccomm family and here's to all the cooler, bluer & sexier things that lie ahead for Artemis!

Looi Han Liong from 16S6D as the Activities IC

Hi Artemis! I'm Han Liong from 16S6D and I am grateful to be part of the Faccomm as Activities IC, let's have a great year ahead! fun facts about me! :
I can sleep for 18 hours a day
I like dogs and cats and red pandas

Rhys Lie from 16S6F as the Logistics IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Rhys (not rice) from 16S6F, privileged to be one of your logistics IC! I like to play bowling and ultimate frisbee. Some interesting facts about me include learning sailing in primary school as well as spending two years doing gaming commentary. If u get to know me more, I'm actually an optimistic person who is friendly and easy going! Let's have a great year together :)

Tan Xiao Tong from 16S6F as the Publicity IC

Hello I'm Xiao Tong from 16S6F! :) I really love doing art that I have spent 10 hours on the floor painting (and breaking my back at the same time). I look tired most of the time but I can actually be really bubbly and noisy!!!! (..if I have the energy). Also, I have food cravings wayy too often my wallet can't keep up with them.

Ren Yuqi from 16S7B as the Publicity IC

Hi Artemis! I'm Yuqi from 16S7B, one of your new publicity I/Cs \(^_^)/ It's an honour to be part of the faculty committee, and let's make it a great year ahead!
Fun facts: 1) I can sleep for consecutive 14h cycles
2) I usually keep some food in my bag cus I'm always hungry, but now I know not to since some people here like to steal food :)

Joel Hong from 16S7B as the Dance IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Joel from 16S7B and its my pleasure to be part of the faccomm and serving you as Dance IC for the next year :) looking forward to it!!fun facts:
I was born in Flemington, New Jersey (USA)
I have never had a nose bleed in my life

Soh Wei Qin from 16S7D as the Secretary-Treasurer

Hi Artemis!! I'm Weiqin from 16S7D! I'm really honoured and glad to be part of FC16/17 as the secretary-treasurer. I'm about a 170cm tall and one of my top hobbies include travelling around. Also, I enjoy interacting with people so if you ever see me around in school, I'd probably be chatting away with others heh. I'm very excited to serve the faculty and cheers to the next year ahead!!

Tan Tuan Ying from 16S7F as the Sports IC

Hey Artemis! I'm Tuan Ying from 16S7F and I'm very grateful to have this opportunity to serve you guys as the Sports I/C:) I may look scary but please don't hesitate to say hi as I am actually very friendly!! Looking forward to working with you guys for a better Artemis!!!Fun facts:
1. I learnt ballet for 1-2 months when I was very young but I seriously cant dance for nuts
2. I hate papaya

Annnnddd thats all from us! We hope that you have now known much more about the new committee :) Please do give your support to your fellow CT reps so that everything can go smoothly and wonderfully YAY! We promise to give our BEST in creating the BEST Artemis experience for each and everyone of you in the coming years. We hope that you are as excited as we are!! :)


With Love,
Chunxi and Zhi Zhang 

3 May 2016

Faculty Jacket sales are BACK!

Hey Artemis!

Did you miss the deadline for the purchase of our faculty item - our very own faculty jacket and drawstring bag? We are glad to say that sales are back!!

For those who sadly missed the deadline previously, or want to purchase again, kindly approach your CT reps / senior CT reps to purchase from them!

For those who have ordered, you will be receiving them tomorrow from your CT reps / senior CT reps!

Grab these limited jackets and drawstrings now!

With love,
Artemis Fac Comm 15/16

30 Apr 2016

NOSTA19IA - A Night to Remember

Hey Artemis!

The 2016 Artemis Faculty Outing 1 has successfully concluded :D Thank you for coming down to Hotel Re! last Saturday for a night of NOSTA19IA! We hope you enjoyed yourselves with the great food, performances, games, and company! Here are some photographs taken at the event:

Here are some of the photos taken with our lovely banner :)

To those who came down, thank you so much for showing your support for this event! This is the Artemis Faculty Committee 2015/16's swan song, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves :D Thank you, and farewell!

With Love,

Artemis FacComm 15/16