14 Nov 2015

Artemis Faculty Outing 2: A Night of SERENDIPITY

Hi Artemis,

Thank you for coming down to LASALLE for a serendipitous and fun-filled night! We hope you enjoyed yourselves on this very special occasion. Here are some of the photographs taken that day (see if you can spot yourselves!)

Our beautiful banner! 

We'd like to thank the performers for their wonderful performances!  

FAP Crew:

Ryan Koh:

Elton and Wanyun:

Bob and the Builders:

MAD Street:

Artemis Activated:

The enthusiastic participation in the games helped to liven up the atmosphere. Great job players, everyone did really well and had fun! We hope you enjoyed the games ^_^

The food was really AMAZING, wasn't it?

Once again, thank you very much for coming to our Faculty Outing, Serendipity!

If you have been waiting for photographs of you and your friends, wait no longer! For more photographs and group shots taken during the event that were not featured in this post, do check out our Photobucket.

Faculty Outing 2, Serendipity, has ended with a bang! The Artemis Faculty Committee has worked hard to make this outing a reality, and to make it as enjoyable as possible. We really hope that you have enjoyed yourselves and the company with your classmates and friends! Do look forward to our future events that are coming up soon~!

With love,

Artemis Faculty Committee 15/16

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