12 May 2015

New Artemis Faccom '15/'16!!!

Yo Artemisians!

After a week of intensive interviewing and a weekend of much deliberation and tough decisions, we have finalized our Faculty Committee yesterday! We would like to thank all applicants for their time and effort put in in their proposals and tasks and staying back till such late hours just to go for the interviews. All of you did really well in the interview, making our job really really hard but ultimately we had to make some hard choices. We hope that you guys will still continue to be supportive of us Faccom '15/ '16!

Introducing................ The new Faculty Committee '15 / '16 !!!

Zhou Yiying 15S61 (Publicity IC)
Hey guys I'm Yiying from 15S61, and I'm your new Publicity IC ouo (this is a face not oh you oh ) and I'm from Art Club and Photog, and that shows my hobbies hahahaxD I'm always laughing at everything so if you spot me around just give me a smile ouo

Xavier Ler Xun Jie 15S63 (Logistics IC)
Hey Artemis! I'm one of your logs I/Cs, Xavier from 15S63. I love to listen to music, have a passion for dance, and also thoroughly enjoy playing basketball and ultimate frisbee. I'm quite like a jack of all trades, and quite friendly, so do say hi if you see me and I hope you enjoys your days under Artemis! Cheers (:

Quek Ting Li 15S65 (Activities IC)
Yo Artemis, I'm Ting Li (your new activities I/C) from 15S65 :D I'm from Chinese debate and I love jogging (although I rarely go for a jog)  and traveling with friends. Hope we'll all have a fun and fulfilling year ahead~

Lim Yi 15S67 (Activities IC)
hello!! I'm limyi from 15s67 and one of the activities i/cs! :-) in my spare time I enjoy drawing & dancing :-) it's an honour to part of the artemis faccomm and I'm looking forward to an amazing year ahead!

Loke Hsien Jie 15S69 (Sports IC)
Hi Artemis! I'm Hsien Jie from 15S69, your sports ic together with Ming Yi! I like a wide range of music and my favourite artistes include Justin Timberlake and Birdy. I love to meet new people and listen to new stories so I look forward to seeing you guys around school! Lets have a great year together!

Lim Ye Ju 15S6B (Activities IC)
Hey Artemis! I'm Ye Ju from 15S6B, one of your Activities I/Cs (but the only Korean one!) It's an honour to be able to serve all of you as part of fac comm, and I really am looking forward to all the fun and craziness we are about to have. 

Emerline Su 15S6D (Dance IC)
Hey everyone! I'm Emerline Su from 15S6D, one of your dance I/C!s I love dancing, reading, Shakespeare, and dogs. Hope y'all have a great year ahead!

Jeremy Tan Koon Wee 15S6D (Activities IC)
Sup everyone! I'm Jeremy from 15S6D, 1/4 of our faculty's Activities ICs. My hobbies include inline skating, photography and reading :) I also play a whole host of sports including football and badminton. See you around in school :)

Ong Xin Kai 15S6F (Logistics IC)
Hi friends!! Im Xin Kai from 15S6F, your logistics i/c! I like watching korean variety shows or dramas but i would rather run after discs than fantasies! (Im in ultimate!) if you see me around in school do drop by and say hi :)

Charmaine Loh Si Ying
Aloha! I'm Charmaine Loh (15S6F), your dance IC. I love bananas! I walk really really slowly and zone out when I'm alone but I'm super crazy when I'm with my friends! :) Let's rock on, Artemis!

Ryan Tan Jin Jie 15S6H (Publicity IC)
Hi I'm Ryan from 15S6H! Really glad to be one of your Publicity ICs! Hope to have a really fun and crazy year Artemis!

Ng Xin Shuen 15S7B (Secretary-Treasurer)
Hey there! I'm Xin Shuen from 15S7B, your secretary-treasurer :) I like playing several sports and also enjoy reading. Although I may seem quiet and introverted at times, I'm quite friendly so say hi if you see me around! Here's to a great year ahead :)

Jerroy Chang Wei Jie 15S7D (Publicity IC)
Hi, I'm Jerroy from 15S7D (I'm on the left), one of your publicity I/Cs, and I'm really honoured to be part of this year's faculty committee. I love to read, draw (I'm in art club too!) and learn foreign languages :-) Here's to a great year ahead!

Gan Ming Yi 15S7F (Sports IC)
Hi!! I'm Ming Yi from 15S7F! I'm really super grateful to have the chance to be part of the faculty committee this year! And I'll really really cherish it and do my very best!

And that concludes our Faculty Committee 15/16. We promise to do our best in this year's faculty committee and we look forward to meeting all of you and serving all of you. We promise to make Artemis the faculty that everyone will love and create memories that everyone will cherish. Please continue to give us your fullest support and we promise not to disappoint!

We're cooler, sexier, than the rest!

With Love,
Jaye and Chanel 

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