9 May 2015

HollyWood Style!


So FO is coming soon and with HOLLYWOOD as our theme, it is no surprise that some of you may be at a loss of what to wear at this dazzling event.


Do not worry! We will guide you in this post and ensure that you will be ready for the party in no time! (;

HOLLYWOOD is the mother of the film and entertainment industry. So GLITZ and GLAMOUR are definitely what people would want to see at FO!

Here are some fashion ideas for the men.

Here are some fashion ideas for the ladies!

How about dressing up as your favourite movie star? Since Hollywood is also about the movies produced, dressing up as the various actors and actresses is definitely fitting as well!

A simple reminder for everyone to dress appropriately for FO. Stay Classy, Never trashy.

So we hope that this post has helped you turn into a Hollywood fashionista! Whenever in doubt, OVERDRESS and we hope at you have a wonderful time at FO!

See you there!

With Love,
A very excited Artemis FC 14/15

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