26 May 2015

Hey Artemis!

It’s been 2 weeks since Fac CIP, but we’d really like to thank all of you for coming down and sharing your time and energy with the residents at Kembangan. Even though some classes got rejected on the day itself or had little to do, we really thank you for the strong spirit you guys showed and the enthusiasm and kindness you continued to show to the residents in that area :)

We hope that Fac CIP has been a humbling experience. Those we served were very grateful for the Extreme Makeover and we were touched by your resilience and care for them. Many of them were living in conditions far beyond our imagination, and they often have no one to look for them. So we thank you so much once again for doing your best for these people! May this experience continue to remind us of our privilege and responsibility to continue to serve others in need. :’)

With love,

Artemis Fac Com 14/15

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