26 May 2015

Farewell, Artemis.

Hey Artemis!

Here is a huge shout out to each and every one of you who came down to support us! We really hoped you enjoyed yourselves - the food, the games, the company - and had a blast at Starstruck!

To round it all off, here are a few photos of the night:

Artemis FC setting up the venue with 300+ balloons and of course our Starstruck banner

Doors open - look at the crowd!

Featuring dazzling performances from MAD, the Artemis councillors, Kokocrunch and other talented individuals and groups

A big shoutout to our sporting game participants too!

Not forgetting the amazing FC performance and montage!

We would also like to extend a big thank you to our sponsors for their support!

We really hope you had as much fun that night as we had planning Starstruck for you.
Thank you for making Starstruck a great success!

After many (hopefully) spectacular events, the time has truly come for the Artemis Faculty Committee 14'/15' to step down (and focus on catching up for our 'A' Levels).

It has been a very hectic year for all 16 of us, filled with ups and downs. A lot of blood (literally), sweat and tears were put into trying to make every single one of our Faculty events a success, whether they were small or big. We hope that our sacrifices have been worth it and that we have achieved our ultimate goal of bringing all you wolves closer together as a pack, and helping you create memories with your friends that will last forever.

Whether it was cheering you on during war games, leading you during CT games, or blowing up hundreds of balloons for Faculty Outing, you all have also given us so many memories that we will always hold dear to us.

To reiterate what we said during FO1, we are very thankful for your faith and trust in us through our turbulent term. We apologize for every single time we have failed to deliver, and we hope that despite these little hiccups, we have still managed to make your experience this year an enjoyable one.

We hope that you will give the new faculty committee a chance to serve you as we did, and we are sure that they will be able to surpass us and bring Artemis to even greater heights.

For the very last time,
Alpha and Beta Wolf, on behalf of the Artemis Faculty Committee 14'/15'

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