29 Apr 2015

Meet the new leaders of the pack!

Hey Artemis!

Time really flies, and it is already time for us to step down and hand over the pack to the next pair of leaders.

You have listened to them, questioned them and finally voted for them in the belief that they will bring Artemis even further during their term.

Your votes have spoken, and the two new leaders of the pack are...

Jaye Chan from 15S7F
Chanel Lee from 15S6F

It has been such a privilege serving you as your Faculty Heads of 2014/2015, and we hope that we (along with our Faculty Committee) have brought you as much joy as you have brought to us. We hope that you will give nothing but your fullest support to Jaye and Chanel in their term ahead! :) They will be selecting the new Faculty Committee from next week onward, so do keep a lookout for that!
With love,
Alpha and Beta wolf
P.S. Our Faculty Outing bridge announcement will be coming really soon, so pay extra attention during morning assembly these few days ;)

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