19 Apr 2015

Artemis Fac Item

Hello Artemis!

Apart from Fac CIP and FO1 to look forward to, the long awaited 2015 Artemis Faculty Item is finally out and ready for orders as well! :D

You may have received order forms from your CT reps in your respective classes and have a clue as to what our Fac Item this year is - a jacket! 

These cool blue jackets have a great design, are made of comfortable and cozy material, and come with front pockets, a zipper and a hood. And all these features at an affordable price! Here are some pictures for your reference :)
These jackets are not only a symbol of Fac Pride; They will keep you warm during lectures, in cold classrooms, and on rainy days as well c: So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders on the order form for your class and grab this jacket now! 

Artemis Fac Comm 14/15

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