10 Mar 2015

Artemis Dramafeste 2015

Hey Artemis,

After 3 extremely rewarding albeit tiresome weeks, we are proud to present to you “What A Wonderful World” – Artemis Dramafeste 2015!

 This production would not have been possible without the efforts of the following people, hence, we’d just like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to,

The CAST - First off, here’s just a huge ‘thank you’ for the effort that you have all put in. Even though most (if not all) of you had no prior experience to this, it was extremely heartwarming to see all of you so willing to step out of your comfort zones. We are immensely proud of your growth over the past 2 weeks and we can safely say that Artemis is equally proud of this production!

The PROPS – Thank you for taking such great pride even when working in the background! From the amount of dedication that shone through, the initiative that you guys took, to the efficiency as you guys moved in and out of the LT (within the stipulated time limit), really makes us so proud to have you guys as our one and only props team!

The LIGHTS & SOUNDS - This play would not have been possible without you guys, setting the mood and the scene of the play with such careful and meticulous play of the lights and background music. Thank you once again!

The COSTUMES & MAKEUP - Thank you for bringing out the character of every single cast member and bringing them to life on stage. We would just like to thank C&M for their backstage dedication, especially for the week leading up to Dramafeste!

The J2s - who have ever so kindly volunteered their services (Kelda, Charlotte, Karen, Su Li, Yong Jie, Xavier, Sarah, and Jing Yi), this play would not have been possible without the effort that each one of you put in despite your busy schedule. This play was as much our achievement as well as yours.

THE AUDIENCE – We thank you for being there and we hoped you have enjoyed “What A Wonderful World”!

On a final note, we may not have won but all of you have definitely won our hearts and we sincerely hope this Dramafeste has been as eventful, memorable, special and fun-filled for you guys as it has been for us! Till next year!

Best Regards,
Dramafeste’2015 I/Cs