20 Feb 2015

Thank You!

Hello junior wolves! It’s 初二 of Chinese New Year :) Did y’all collect a lot of 红包? ^^ Hope you guys are having fun and do rest well during this long weekend!


Words from the deep bottom of the Dance I/Cs’ hearts

Firstly, thank you juniors for everything, every single one of you! This year, the official POP dance practice timings hadn’t been sufficient, especially with CCA auditions, JAE lectures and so on, but we’re glad we managed to push through all these time constraints and did ourselves proud at Central Plaza on Tuesday :))) Although time was short, we hope you juniors bonded with your class and became closer with one another! You have no idea how happy we feel when we see you guys staying back to practise/ practising at your class benches :”) Makes us feel so so so proud as well ^^ 

Even though this year’s POP wasn’t at night but instead in the morning, where the sun was scorching hot, the faculty spirit was still going strong, y’all danced your hearts out and cheered your lungs out :”) We couldn’t have asked for better junior wolves!

Also, thank you for cheering us up after the results were announced :) (high-fives, fistbumps and the truly-Artemis buttshake HAHA) Although we didn’t win, we achieved more than we could ever expected and seeing the fun you all had through the process is more than we could ask for :D 

Even though orientation might be over, we hope that you all have bonded with your class, forged new friendships and create unforgettable memories. JC life is certainly hectic but it's the friends that you have by your side through the journey that keeps you going! Remember that you all are never alone (: 

Not to forget, special thanks to Artemis Fac Comm, MAD and Councillors for helping out!!! 
You guys are awesome as well, for enduring all the long and plentiful dance practices, our constant nagging (timing, angles, blocking, moves etc.)  and basically everything :) Thank you to our friends too! The support, encouragement and reassurance really made us feel very loved and helped us to keep going strong during this journey. #winalreadyliao HAHA

Last but not least, thank you Apollo for the bright sunny weather, Athena for letting us ‘Feel This Moment’ and good job Ares for winning! #4facs1hwach

Jia Xin and Juline 



Thank you so much Artemis!!!

Thank you seniors for coming down to support us!


17 Feb 2015

POP 2015! Are you ready?

Hello junior wolves! Its one more day till POP 2015! ARE Y’ALL EXCITED!!! :D
So here are some important things to take note!

  1.  Date: 18 February 2015, report at the College Hall at 10.20 am in attire! 
  2.  Attire: Artemis Fac Shirt and dark blue/black jeans
  3.  We are the 1st to perform at Central Plaza so please don’t be late!

There’s no chants in the first two songs – Devastating Stereo and Regenerate.

Bang it to the Curb:
-          HEY! HEY!
-          BANG IT TO THE CURB
-          MAKE IT SWERVE

Next Episode:
-          COOL BLUE SEXY
-          HOLD UP
-          DON’T STOP!

I Will Never Let You Down:
-          HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! (x3)

Faculty Spirit
Junior wolves, let’s show them who’s the leaders of pack!!! Get ready to cheer and dance your hearts out on the dance floor (aka Central Plaza)! We will be cheering ‘WHY WILL WE WIN THIS? CAUSE WE ARE ARTEMIS!’ cheer when we enter. During this time, we will be running into our formation. Dance I/Cs will countdown for the cheers. At the end, we will chant ‘WHO ARE WE ARE WE ARE WE? COOL BLUE SEXY ARTEMIS!’.

Synchronisation of Dance Moves
Junior wolves, don't let your dance practices go to waste! Synchronisation is one of the criteria for POP tomorrow! So ensure that you all are sure of your dance moves and timings. If you guys need any help, feel free to approach any FC member or watch the tutorials! 

Neatness and Tidiness of Formation
For POP, one thing that cannot be neglected is of course the straight lines during formation! So remember to follow the person in front of you (how to know you’re in line: you can only see the head of the person in front of you and no other people)
IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: DO NOT (I REPEAT) DO NOT FOLLOW THE CENTRAL PLAZA’S TILES!!! They are slanted! Also, the first row, remember to be in line with the orange wall!

We will have to show everyone what our prop is, which is the white mask! So during the dance, you all have to remember the details as to when to face your mask to the audience, when to LOOK DOWN, when to TAKE IT OFF and when to TAKE IT UP! This is very important because our props play a huge impact on our mass effect so we must take note of it at all times!!!
Also, remember to FACE YOUR WRISTS OUTWARDS at moves we specified! Masks need to face outwards to be seen J

Here are the faculty dance video and tutorials if you all need to practice/recap your moves!

JIAYOU FOR POP, JUNIOR WOLVES! Practise hard and drink lots of water ok! Don’t fall sick and let’s do our very best on Wednesday! Show them what Artemis is made of! (COOLER, BLUER AND SEXIER THAN THE REST!!!)

Lots of Love,
Jia Xin and Juline
Artemis Dance ICs

15 Feb 2015

The End Of The Start

Hey J1 Artemis,

Orientation ended officially on Friday on a high note with the long awaited campfire!

Looking at the past two weeks, it will definitely be the time that you guys would never forget in the entire of your JC lives. Starting with OG orientation…

OGs were the first friendship that were formed in JC, and even as you shout your lungs out for your OGs in the different OG games that you take part in, please remember that above all, these games were meant to build strong friendships that should last you through the entire JC journey. 

Splitting into the different faculties and classes was indeed a tough act as we reluctantly leave our OGs that have been with us for that one week as we moved on to the classes that would be with us for the rest of our JC life. While there were a bit of awkwardness at the beginning, the ice was soon broken by the CT icebreakers and CT games.

Time passed quickly and it was soon TIME FOR WAR!

Armed with paint and water bombs, we 'fought' against the other faculties to be the strongest faculty ever! (Curious about the results? It will be released on Wednesday J) While Artemis may not seem to be winning, we never did give up and most importantly we played fair and had fun.. and, that is what matters most. After all, we are "Four Facs, One Hwach"!

At long last, we have our long awaited, CAMPFIRE! The SODACHE challenge took place in the morning as 15S6F, 15S6D and 15S65 represented our faculty in the Song, Dance and Cheer challenge respectively. 15S6F did Artemis proud by winning in the song category, and even though 6D and 65 didn't win, they still did their best and we are really proud of them!

IT was soon time for the grand light up as our Faculty Heads represented the faculty to light up the flames.

After the grand light up, the SODACHE segment finally started. OGs started gathering together, and even the seniors have fun together singing and dancing the classics that we were all used to. After all, this is a part of our tradition!

While the end of campfire marks the end of Orientation, let's not forget that THIS IS NOT THE END! Up next… POP! POP will be held on Wednesday after Chinese New Year and it is finally time for you guys to shine. Let all of the effort that you guys have put in for the past week pay off and dance till your heart content! After all it is YOUR POP!

Gabriel & Siang Hwee

P.S. Refer to the following for the dance tutorial video!

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015 Tutorial 1 - Devastating Stereo

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015 Tutorial 2 - Regenerate

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015 Tutorial 3 - Bang It To The Curb

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015 Tutorial 4 - Next Episode

Artemis Faculty Dance 2015 Tutorial 5 - I Will Never Let You Down