2 Nov 2014

#THROWBACK: How to RETRO style

 Hey Artemis!

FO is coming soon and with the excitement also comes the headache of what to wear...

FRET NOT!! Let us help you get ready in no time!

 A retro theme calls for retro clothes. Time to dig through your parents' wardrobes maybe? (; BUT if that thought scares you too much, here's a shopping tip: bright colours, bell bottom pants, polka dots; extravagant hairstyles were the in thing!


So for the men, here is some inspiration for you all:

Tip: Wear suspenders with a bow tie or a simple tie to create a vintage/retro feel!

As for the ladies, here are a few outfit ideas:

Just a friendly reminder for the ladies and men to dress appropriately for FO (:

So, are you already excited to dig through your wardrobes or go shopping with your friends?

Just come in comfy, bright, colourful clothes and retro up for a wonderful time at #THROWBACK!

See you there! (:

With love,
A very excited Artemis Faculty Committee 14/15

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