7 Nov 2014

How to get to Lowercase Cafe @ Lasalle College of the Arts

Hey Artemis!
So now that you’ve gotten tickets to FO, you must be wondering how to get there…
Fret not! We’re here to tell you how to get to our incredibly accessible FO ;)
You can start your journey either along the Green or Purple line!

For those living along or near the GREEN LINE: 
1.     Get off at Bugis station and exit at Exit A.

2.     After ascending the escalator, turn right and head toward the traffic light opposite Bugis Village.

3.     Cross the road at the traffic light and walk toward the bus stop called Opposite Bugis Junction (01112) – Its right outside Bugis Street!

4.     Take buses 851, 960 or 980 and alight two stops later at After Sim Lim Square.

5.     Then, turn right and walk straight along the concrete path beside the construction site!

6.     Turn left when you see the “Short St” sign and continue following the concrete path.

7.     Turn right when you see the bright yellow “Pedestrians This Way” sign – Just follow the arrow on the sign! You’ll know you’ve reached the right place when you see a fruit stall (or when you see the huge black building that says “LASALLE College of the Arts)

8.     Walk straight along the brick road toward the glass building!

9.     When you see the metal statue, you’re almost there – Just keep walking toward the glass building!

10.  You’ve reached Lowercase Café – Welcome to #THROWBACK! J

If Bugis is too far away, you can start your journey along the Purple line:
1.     Get off at Little India station, exit at Exit A and walk down the metal staircase!

2.     Walk straight along the path, past Rex Cinemas, until you reach the traffic light at the end of the concrete path.

3.     Cross the road at the traffic light toward the Selgie Road sign

4.     Continue walking straight along the red brick road until you reach the end of the road!

5.     At the end of the road, turn right toward the LASALLE building!

6.     Just like we said above, walk toward the fruit stall and along the red brick road until you reach #THROWBACK! J

We hope this post helps you find #THROWBACK – wherever you may live in Singapore ;)

Here’s a tip: Travelling from the Little India station takes a lot less time than from Bugis, so if you’re coming from Bugis you should be prepared to walk slightly more!

2 more days to #THROWBACK! We hope your outfits are prepared and you’re ready to party!

We’ll see you there J


An overly excited Artemis Faculty Committee 14’ / 15’

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