13 Nov 2014

A party of the past

Hey Artemis!

We really hope you had as much fun as we did during #THROWBACK! 

A huge thank you to everyone who came down to join us during our blast to the past! We hope that you had a great time with the faculty and ended the school year on a high note!


We would really appreciate you giving us some feedback by filling in this form, so we can better serve you and the faculty J

We would like to thank all our performers for the hard work and effort put into preparing for the performances, and for the stunning showcases!

A quick #THROWBACK to that evening:

Cherie and Katherine serenade us with their beautiful vocal duet!

 Who can be more graceful than the Chinese dancers?

Vanessa playing lively songs on the keyboard!

Beatrice x Clement on the guitar!

We can’t take our eyes off the beautiful MAD Modern performance!

The heart-stopping performance by MAD Street – and their surprise guest dancer!

The highly anticipated DECIBEL!
 Thank you to our sporting game representatives from the classes!

Our enthusiastic game participants try to be the first across the line!


Congrats to our winning participants from S6H, S7B and S61!

Thank you for joining us!

“The party don’t start till I walk in”

Thank you all for making #THROWBACK possible! 

Farewell for now, and we hope to see you guys at the next Artemis Faculty Outing :)
(for more pictures, please check the Artemis flickr photostream under the Memories tab to the right from this weekend onwards!)

A much psyched Artemis Faculty Committee 14'/15'