30 Oct 2014

Ticket Sales for Non-Artemisians

Hi non-Artemisians!

37 tickets for Artemis’ Faculty Outing #THROWBACK will be on sale tomorrow at 7.10am, at the bench outside Chill! :-) Here’s your chance to finally get tickets! Please note that you can only buy 1 ticket per person, and for yourself only! Each ticket costs $15, please bring money along :-) A gentle reminder to queue in an orderly manner! :-)

For those who are unable to get tickets, we apologise in advance; the café is unable to hold so many people and we are packed full as it is!

For everyone, do look out for our upcoming blog posts on how you can dress for FO, and for directions to the café! 9 days to FO, we can’t wait!

Lastly, all the best for OP! :-) Approaching the last hurdle of our J1 year!! :-)

With Love,
Artemis Fac Com 14/15