21 Jul 2014

Artemis Faculty Sports For All 2014!

Hey Artemis!
It is the time of the year for all of you to have some fun by engaging in the playing of sports with the different Artemis classes! We are sure that all of you have heard of the Sports For All initiative 2014 by now, and the sports that we are going to play are ... soccer and captain's ball! The first match will be starting this Thursday! This is the website link to the rulebook as well as the fixture for week 4 & 5.
The other fixtures will be released only on week 5 as there may be changes in the timetable of the classes on week 5. Hence, more updates on the fixtures will only be available then. Please also read through the rules in the rulebook carefully.

See you there! :D
Regards, The Sports ICs ^.^

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