17 May 2014

Introducing to you... The Artemis Fac Comm '14/'15!

Hey Artemis!

After a week of intensive and tiring interviews, we are pleased to announce the results of the Artemis Fac Comm '14/'15!

We would like to sincerely thank all the Artemisians who took their time off to attend the interviews. We also recognise the amount of hard work that everyone has put in to prepare for the interviews and complete the assigned tasks.

To be honest, we had many tough decisions to make when selecting the Fac Comm members because everyone did well and we felt that everyone should deserve a chance to join the Fac Comm. However, we had to make a final decision ultimately, and we hope that you will be supportive of the Artemis Fac Comm '14/'15!

Let us now introduce you to the Artemis Fac Comm '14/'15!

Andrew Lau 14S65 (Faculty Head)
An ordinary-looking boy in 14S65 who looks boring, he is secretly humorous and enjoys the company of his peers. He may look easy-going but do not belittle his passion in doing something he truly enjoys. He values friendship and dares to take on challenges thrown at him. He is Andrew and he certainly looks forward to his Fac Comm Term! Do say hi to him around the school hahaha! XD

Rachel Lim 14S6D (Deputy Faculty Head)
Enthusiastic, excitable and extremely extroverted, Rachel loves meeting new people, spending time with friends and participating in high-energy activities. Always on the go, she's extremely driven when working toward her goals, especially since her life motto is always "go big or go home". However, if you catch ehr during one of her rare quiet moments, she's usually found reading or writing poetry. 

Justin Chia 14S61 (Logistics I/C)
Hey everyone! I'm Justin, your Logs I/C from 14S61, so I'm a guy who really likes to smile, joke around and do all sorts of funny stuff. I'm also from Taekwondo so you probably would (or have) seen me around doing some funny kicks. Yeah so I look forward to serving you guys in the future!

Chew Wei Lin 14S63 (Sports I/C)
Hello Artemis!!! I'm Weilin (your new SPORTS I/C) from 14S63 and I am extremely happy and honoured to be a part of Artemis Faculty Comm 14-15 ((: I am an extremely extroverted and fun-loving person and I hope to bring Artemis to greater heights along with Siang Hwee and the rest of the fac comm!!

Wang Shi Qing 14S65 (Secretary-Treasurer)
Hey cool-blue-sexy friends, I am Shi Qing from 14S65.
Although I’m in Chinese Dance, I’m not going to be your Dance IC, instead I’ll be your secretary-treasurer!
I’m easy to talk to so feel free to talk to me about anything, and here’s a fun fact: I support Prince Casey and the Advisor!

Lee Jia Xin 14S67 (Dance I/C)
Hello everyone! I'm Lee Jia Xin from 14S67 and I'm your Dance IC. (: A little more about myself, dancing is my passion and I also enjoy writing and eating! I hope that I can serve you all and feel free to approach me if you want to know more about me! ^^

Ng Siang Hwee 14S69 (Sports I/C)
Hi Artemis, I am Siang Hwee (your new SPORTS I/C) from 14S69. While I may appear loud and scary at times (especially while cheering), I am actually as fun-loving and extroverted as Weilin :) Together, we will bring Artemis to greater heights!

Juline Han 14S69 (Dance I/C)
Hello everyone! I'm Juline Han from 14S69 and I'm very honoured to be your Dance IC! I love to laugh and can be super crazy at times :) Let's have lots of fun together! :D

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." - Vivian Greene

Natasha Teh 14S6B (Publicity I/C)
Hey Artemis!! I'm Natasha, your publicity IC from 14S6B! :) I'm from fencing and I encompass calmness, strength and friendliness which our cool blue fac color stands for. I also enjoy eating good food and baking when I have time c: hehe excited to do cool blue sexy pubs for you all, ARTEMIS LETS GO!

Gabriel Soo 14S6D (Activities I/C)
Sup Artemis! I am Gabriel (say 'Gay-bro'. nope just kidding.) I am fun-loving (duh who isn't) and I also enjoy meeting people! Expect more fun from Faculty Activities as I am your Activities IC. When it comes to work, I am going to be really serious as I am very particular on details. So rest assured, Artemis will only keep getting better with all the new Fac Comm members working together!

Symphony Charlotte Ho 14S6F (Activities I/C)
Hey Artemis! I'm Symphony from 14S6F and am really glad to be your Activities I/C! I laugh a lot (way too much) and love making friends :) so feel free to approach me if you need any help! Looking forward to serving all of you cool blue Artemisians!!

Thio Teng Kiat 14S6H (Logistics I/C)
Hi Artemis! =<^.^>=
I'm Teng Kiat from 14S6H, your Logs IC! I love table tennis, folding origami and occasionally play the piano. Although I might seem like a quiet person, I’m actually quite fun loving and approachable. Cherish your time in Artemis and I hope to see you around ^^!

Sarah Liu 14S7B (Activities I/C)
Hello Artemis, I'm Sarah from 14S7B and I'm your Activities IC :) I'm from HACAS and SSRC and I enjoy writing and debating! I'm friendly and nice so feel free to approach me and talk to me anytime! On another note, I love Blue :DDDDDDDD

Chong Kai En 14S7D (Publicity I/C)
Yo Artemis! I'm Kai En from 14S7D (same as Wong Kin!) and I'm your new Pubs I/C. I may seem serious when you don't know me but I'm actually a nice person who likes to have fun too:)! I like to play board games and card games and many other types of games as well, and I hope to know you guys better over the next year!

Li Wong Kin 14S7D (Publicity I/C)
Hello Artemisians!!! I'm Wong Kin from 14S7D, your Pubs IC! Sometimes I may look veryyy serious because I'm always pondering about my life... (Nope just daydreaming) But honestly, I'm actually a very friendly and open guy so once I get to know you, we will just joke around and have fun whenever we can ;)

Natalie Ong 14S7F (Activities I/C)
HAY GUYS!! I'm Natalie from 14S7F! Contrary to popular belief, I'm really much taller than I look ;) My favourite emoji is the monkey-covering-eyes one. I'm really excited to be in Fac Comm and hope that we'll be able to plan activities that you truly care about.

Artemis Fac Comm '14/'15 promises to give in our best throughout our entire term and we really look forward to serving the faculty we belong to, the faculty that we love! We hope that everyone will continue to show your full support to Artemis and we promise to bring Artemis to even greater heights!


With love,
Andrew J and Rachel J

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