1 May 2014

2014 Faculty Heads Elections

Hey juniors (:

Time really flies, and very soon, it will be time for us to step down and for a new batch of leaders to step up to lead the pack.

The time has come for the new to replace the old and who will be the chosen ones to lead the faculty?

This year, we have 3 candidates running for the position of faculty head, and in no order of merit, they are:

#01 Andrew Lau Jia Jun from 14S65

#02 Lim Sin Ee Rachel from 14S6D

#03 Lin Yulong from 14S7D

Elections will be held tomorrow (Friday, 2nd May) during J1 CT session from 3pm to 4pm at the Hall. It comprises a speech segment, followed by a series of questions posed to the candidates. Finally, there will be a Q&A session, so do think carefully if you have any questions to pose to the candidates so that you can make a more informed decision. (:
**Questions from the floor will have to be written on a piece of paper and passed to senior CT reps standing by the side. Notes of encouragement can be passed to the candidates via the same manner too. So do bring some pen and paper along!

Each student will be allowed to vote for 2 candidates, and the 2 candidates with the highest votes will become the leaders of the faculty and they will be organising events for the faculty and looking after your welfare, so cast your votes wisely!!

A final reminder: Do make your way to the hall as quickly as possible once lessons are over tomorrow so that the elections can proceed on time!

With love, 
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