30 Apr 2014

ATTENTION: All Fac Comm Nominees (:

Hello Artemis :)

It has come to the time of the year to elect the new Artemis Faculty Committee. All C1 classes should have already confirmed the nominees who are running for CT rep. These nominees will have to go through an interview that is going to be held in the earlier half of May.

There will be some preparation work to be done prior to the interviews. All C1s running for Fac Comm will have to do the necessary preparation (for both roles) as stated below.

Each role has its own compulsory and optional tasks. For the compulsory tasks, they are the minimum requirements expected of you when you turn up at the interview. As for the optional tasks, they provide you with more avenue to justify your ability and display your skills and more fundamentally, they may be a measure of one’s desire and willingness to put in one’s best. ;)


Just come mentally prepared :)

Activities I/Cs:


Preamble: A faculty outing is an event whereby the faculty comes together as a whole for a night of fun and joy. It typically consists of performances by members of the faculty (occasionally including those from other faculties) as well as games that classes or representatives of the classes get to play. The purpose of such an event is to bring the faculty together to foster a stronger faculty spirit and allow friends to bond with each other through a night of good food, fun games and exciting performances, leaving behind beautiful memories.

Keeping the above in mind,
  • Do up a proposal for an upcoming faculty outing

The proposal should include the following:
  • Venue
  • Theme and event name
  • 3 games that would entertain audiences and are within the following restrictions; include a list of logistics required and manpower requirements:
    • No food allowed;
    • 12 pairs of participants (a male and female in each pair);
    • No cross dressing;
    • Maximum duration of each game: 20 minutes;
    • Game space of 7m x 5m;
    • Budget of $100 in total;
  • Event action plan
  • Budget
  • Prepare an action plan for Faculty Introduction (during Orientation)
  • Propose a possible theme, storyline and atmosphere for a Dramafeste play (provide a synopsis)
  • Propose a theme for Orientation and possible publicity stunts
    • Note: The publicity stunts this year included the orientation banner, the staircase display and the vertical banners hung in the canteen

Logistics I/Cs:

  • Prepare a logistics list for Artemis Dramafeste and/or Faculty CIP. Include the budget for each item in the logistics list.
  • Prepare an action plan for an upcoming bridge announcement. There will be no fixed budget allocated but do take into consideration the price of logistics required. Additionally, carefully consider feasibility and plan out all mechanisms to make sure the bridge announcement proceeds smoothly. Take into account bridge announcements that you may have watched to have a better idea of what may be needed to enhance the scene. Assume Fac Comm has a maximum strength of 16 people.
    • Diagrams should be included if they help in clarifying explanations
    • The entire bridge announcement must be kept within a maximum of 1 minute
Proposed plan for bridge announcement:

For the entire bridge announcement, the sound effects and music will be played through the AV system. The bridge announcement is set at a ball, where there are 3 pairs of dancers dancing on the bridge. As the ball proceeds, the pompous organiser is carried out by her two subordinates who put her down and serve by her side. She promises the people at the ball that she will bring joy and fun to them. At this moment, another subordinate of her rushes in to tell her of what is happening beyond this ivory tower of hers. Displeased that the subordinate killed her mood, she orders for the subordinate to be executed. The killing takes place and at the moment of execution, Mr Mime appears to interrupt the ball. He causes a mess at the scene, causing the chandelier to drop and the release of the balloons that were used to decorate the ballroom. Mr Mime then announces his invitation for all to attend this exclusive ball which the pompous organiser had selfishly organised for her closest of friends. As Mr Mime releases the details of the event, the banner is unveiled.

Sports I/Cs:

  • Propose a new cheer that is to be used for Orientation
  • Strategize and form teams for both boys and girls for Combined Sports Meet (for all events stated below)

    • 12 x 200m relay
    • 8 x 50m relay
    • 4 x 50m swimming relay

Dance I/Cs:

  • Choreograph a dance of about 30 seconds (Fac Dance standard)
  • Propose a soundtrack list for POP 2015
  • Choose a theme for a Faculty Outing and propose an idea for Fac Comm performance. (be as creative and realistic as possible!)
  • Mix a Fac Dance soundtrack of not more than 2.30 minutes

Pub I/Cs:

  • Redesign the wolf mascot
  • Fac Comm Shirt Design/Fac CIP Shirt Design (New mascot must be incorporated)
  • A short video clip (within three minutes) publicizing the Faculty Outing
  • Create a new Faculty Blog/Website
  • Design a new cover page for the Artemis newsletter
  • A banner design for a faculty breakfast known as "munch" / orientation banner known as "brave new world" and one other publicity material for the same event (poster/ticket)
  • Past physical and/or digital artwork and designs
  • Videography and/or photography portfolio
  • Past website designs and coding

Even though some tasks for the respective Fac Comm roles are optional, it will be best for you and definitely put you in an advantage if you do them as well J
In addition, all information about Fac Comm interviews will be posted on this blog so do constantly check the faculty blog for updates!
Please feel free to ask your senior CT rep if you have any questions!


Artemis Fac Comm 13/14

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