17 Apr 2014

5 reasons why you should NOT join Artemis Faculty Committee 14/15

Hey C1 Artemisians!

Orientation high fades away. Impending lecture tests come pressing down hard on you. Desperately trying to find something meaningful to do in your otherwise unfulfilled JC life. Need I say more?

“Haiz, yet another rhetoric-filled publicity” you must be thinking. Well, you are pretty darn wrong. In fact, we are here to persuade you NOT to see Artemis Faculty Committee 14/15 as the answer to all your troubles. Why should we? We are so out of love with Fac Comm that here we are, telling you 5 reasons why you should NOT join Artemis Faculty Committee 14/15.

1)      Fac Comm is just too awesome for you

That’s right. All that enthusiasm and passion you saw from us during Orientation, POP and Dramafeste – how can you possibly take it? For all you might know, you could be transformed into a crazed fanatic bursting with Artemis pride. Oh dear, that would be too much for you to handle wouldn’t it?

2)      Planning large-scale Faculty events is just totally uncool and boring

Because standing proud and tall in front of the entire Artemis Faculty during POP is oh-so-uncool. Leading your faculty to glory and carving your own legacy is just too good to be true.   

That overwhelming feeling of accomplishment at the completion of an event enjoyed by over 600 fellow Artemisians just completely bores you.

Knowing your event-planning efforts go towards a cause much larger than yourself just doesn’t bother you.

3)      Being part of a tightly-knit 16-man strong committee is just too passé

Because going through thick and thin with 15 other like-minded individuals, forging bonds that can last a lifetime just isn’t your thing. Yup, all that fun and laughter you could potentially enjoy with your new Fac Comm mates doesn’t appeal to you.

4)      You have multiple lifetimes to experience it again

You just don't subscribe to YOLO (You Only Live Once). The idea that you can never find such a unique experience anywhere else, and perhaps ever again, well, doesn’t bother you because you can get a go at it in another lifetime anyway.

5)      Because you lack the faith to try

Because you never dared to find out how far you can go if you only tried.
Because you told yourself JC life will be better but it never is.
Because opportunities just slip pass you and you are going to miss this one too.  

If somehow you still possess the will to apply for Artemis Faculty Committee 14/15, feel free to approach any senior FC members to dissuade you.

Still not moved? Fine. Just remember, if you are aiming to run for CT Rep, you must at least have tried the position of Interim CT Rep once. 

With love,

Artemis Fac Comm 13/14

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