11 Mar 2014

Get ready... for FO1!

Orientation, War Games, POP and Dramafeste.

Haven't gotten enough?

Well mark your calendars, for the ARTEMIS FACULTY OUTING 1 will be on the 17th of May, Saturday!
For J1s who are not sure what Faculty Outings are all about, it is a night of fun with your friends filled with exciting games and awesome performances! :)

To those who can play an instrument, hold a tune, pop a move or simply have something amazing to show the world,


That's right, grab this chance now to be a part of FO1 by signing up to be a performer. Performers get subsidised tickets and a great stage to show the rest of Artemis what you've got, so sign up NOW!

Auditions will be held after the J2 block test 1, so no worries for seniors, you get a chance to showcase your talents too.

To sign up, simply approach your senior CT rep or any Faccomm member and fill up the form. It's that simple!

For those who need further convincing, here are some photos to show you how awesome it would be if you were a performer.

 Jessica and Aileen

Invictus Crew 





Lots of love, 
Faccomm 13/14

9 Mar 2014

We Are Irresistible


Congratulations to our Dramafeste 2014 Cast and Crew.
Best Play for the second year in a row.
We achieved it, again.

Thank you for all the dedication and hard work each and every one of you put in to make this play a success. It may have been exhausting at times but we all pulled through together. What truly made us winners were not the trophies or awards that we won, but the fact that each and everyone of us put in our 100% into this journey, and left the stage with no regrets. Last year, we were J1s standing on stage as cast. This year, we took over as the Dramafeste I/Cs. And it is only now that we can say we truly understand how proud our seniors felt witnessing us come together as a team and put up a good show. To Athena, Ares and Apollo, a really good job for putting up such amazing plays. Like what one of our judges said, "This was the best Dramafeste he has been to since he came to HwaChong." So really great job everyone!


Thank you for the time and effort you guys put into the play and memorizing all the lines despite the (very) constant changes made to the script. Seeing you guys improve so much since the day we first met (outside chill) is very heartwarming. 


The backdrop and the props look really amazing. Thank you all for trying to rush out all the props that we required and especially the backdrop even though we had so little time left. We haven't really been with you guys the whole time but we truly appreciate all the hard work that you guys have been putting in behind the scenes.

Makeup & Costumes

Thank you for sourcing out the costumes despite the short time that you guys were given. They fit each and every character perfectly and it really helped to bring out the characteristics of all of them. Many people liked the costumes of our cast this year, and we are really proud of you guys for that.

Lights & Sounds

Thank you for attending most of our practice sessions and being very patient with us with the lights and sounds cues. On the actual night, when we thought the following spot busted, thanks for adapting to the situation so quickly. We are really thankful for having a bunch of the most efficient people who helped our play run really smoothly.

Special thanks to the few individuals who helped us bring everyone together:

Zon: For staying up so late just to help us edit the script with no complaints, even thought we kept requesting for different major changes to be made. Also, for coming down everyday to help out with the rehearsals.
Tze Yi: For taking up the role as Props IC despite your busy schedule. The amount of passion and guidance that you've showed your comm was really something both of us admire a lot. 
Kim: For being the solo worker but also the most efficient one, in trying to meet all the crazy deadlines and requirements that we set. Thanks for also always thinking ahead and highlighting to us the potential problems we may face, especially regarding the backdrop.
Joel: Thanks for being so professional in handling the lights and sounds. Also, thanks for taking the initiative and being so efficient in helping us manage the lights (especially on the final night)
Svena: For designing and coming up with the costumes despite the short time you had. Also, for taking up the role as the makeup IC despite your busy schedule.
Ying Wen: For ordering meals for us and making sure that we all won't starve.

And last but not least, we would like to thank these groups of people:

Thank you teachers for coming down to watch our rehearsals and giving your comments to help us improve on our play. Thank you faccom seniors for coming down to support us as well. Thank you faccom members and ex-prop members for coming down to help out and share the work load. We truly appreciate all of your help.


We hope that you've all enjoyed this journey that we experienced together. We also hope that the friendships forged and the memories made will stay with you all throughout JC and beyond that.

Here are some pictures for you guys:
 "My king, have you memorized your speech?!"
 "Does it have to come at the expense of my happiness?"
 "Whoa this place quite atas siah!"
 "Simple life for a simple man"
 "Greetings all, I am Casey Charming $$"
 "Erm... Drum-roll please?"
 "Wastrels until now still no change!"
 "30 years of marriage and look at how you've been treating me"
 "How is he alive?! Is he a ghost?!"
"Round up the events in Anastasia"
 Artemis' Team of Cast & Crew 2014
With this, it marks the end of Dramafeste 2014. It has really been a pleasure working with each and every one of you, thank you all so so much.

With love,
Your Dramafeste I/Cs,
Amanda and Denise