13 Feb 2014

Welcome To The Pack

Hey Artemis!

This week, we kicked off the Faculty Orientation for our new J1 wolves with the Fac Meeting (videos are all posted below) and War Games (result unknown, but we all had fun). Some of you might have also noticed our publicity materials up around the school:

Fac Meeting Videos

To us senior wolves: It brings back memories, doesn't it? Though not all of us will be directly involved in the faculty events to come, be sure to give the J1s the same warm welcome that we had received from our seniors, and we'll still be doing our best to organize awesome activities for you.

To our new wolves: All that we needed to say has already been said- coming up next: Campfire, SMJ and POP. Without further ado, let us once again, say:

 Welcome To The Pack

Lots of Love,
Fac Comm 13/14

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