23 Feb 2014

We Won Everyone's Hearts

A heartfelt letter from your Dance I/Cs:


Thank you J1s for the awesome night! You guys were purely EXTRAORDINARY! Thank you for the hard work every single one of you have put in to remember the moves, perfect the timings and sharpen your executions. You guys have braved the picky Dance I/Cs as well! :D

Not trying to sound cliché but even though we did not win, we felt like true winners because we could see the pride in all of your faces, and we received the roaring cheers from the entire school. The title does not matter. You all bonded together as a class, supported each other as a faculty, and totally let go and had fun. That is what is most important and would be etched in your memory for the rest of your lives. The faculty spirit that we see is extremely heartwarming, and the smiles on your faces despite your tired bodies, are what make everything we have gone through together worthwhile.  

Some of you apologised and were disappointed that you guys did not fulfill the Dance I/Cs' wishes. But guess what? YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY DID. We cannot ask for anything more because you guys gave your all and our performance was better than what we had ever imagine it to be. You are the best juniors we can ever wish for, the new pups of our homely pack. Many of you came up to offer us hugs, and cheer us up with your buttshakes after the results were announced - these acts really melted our hearts. Our tears streamed because of joy and happiness from all your hard work and dedication. And the gratitude for every single one of you who made everything that passed in these two weeks so surreal and fantastic.  

A special shout out to Artemis Councillors, MAD and selected J2s (for the weeks and weeks of non-stop practices), our friends, and seniors from past batches, your support and encouragement through the orientation period have been a great source of morale boost too. Every single one of you has played an essential part in building this Faculty.

We also want to say kudos to Apollo for lighting up the night, Athena for making the atmosphere High High and the champions Ares.

We are one faculty, one family. We danced together, laughed together, perspired together, cheered together, and this is will be one special shared memory for all of us. Though orientation is over, the journey never ends. The faculty spirit keeps us, as 24 classes and 600 individuals, together under one family that we call:   

Lots and lots of love,
QianHui and Rui Yu

March on, Artemis.
Even when the dance is over and the nearest person is more than an arm's length away,

Always remember: THE PACK'S GOT YOUR BACK.

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