20 Feb 2014

POP'14 Summary

Hey J1s! 

Before we begin, here are the details of POP:
  1. Friday 21st Feb, 8pm (keep tomorrow free!)
  2. Attire - Artemis Fac shirt and jeans
  3. We are the 3rd to perform, after Apollo and Athena

All pumped up for the awesome Artemis Fac Dance tomorrow? Can't get enough of it? Here are all the POP-related videos that can be found on our Youtube channel to refresh your memory!

Official Dance Version

Music Video

POP 2013 (Can ya'll surpass the standard of your seniors? ;P)

Formations for tomorrow!


Faculty Spirit
We really need every single one of you to be present for POP okayy! Points are given if our faculty is HIGH, HIGH and HIGH! So we need all of you to be enthu and shout all the chants AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE! (see chants below) You guys also need to respond to cheers initiated by the Dance ICs really loudly to show the judges our Artemis Fac Pride!

Summary: Drink redbull or something, BE CRAZY and HIGH.

Neatness and Synchronisation of moves
This is SUPER important. Today we kept emphasising on your LINES, LINES and LINES. We aim to be the faculty with the neatest rows okay! (See Ares fac dance 2012 and 2013 for the definition of neat) Even if our dance may not be the most impressive, it WILL BE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE if we are synchro and have straight line formations! (imagine how nice it will be if we march in sync..) We also emphasised a lot of your angles so must follow the people in front of you!

Summary: Stare at the head/feet at the people in front of you and make sure you mirror him.

Wow factor
Same thing as Neatness, if you want people to WOW at us, CHEER for us, keep your movements SHARP AND NEAT. Keep practicing the fac dance tonight and familiarize yourself with the beat and the dance steps, so everything will be super fluid and FULL OUT tomorrow!

The other judging criteria depends on the Dance ICs.. flow of dance and usage of props etc.

Now that y’all know the judging rubrics, please please please remember all we mentioned today and correct your mistakes!!! Do not repeat the same mistakes you’ve been making all this while, and put that effort to change J


Artemis, we can do it! We will make history! Give your all tomorrow, enjoy yourselves and leave central plaza with NO REGRETS. You guys have been awesome during the dance pracs and it's time to show the school what we are made of! We can own it.

Don't forget to download our soundtrack into your phones and listen to it everywhere you go. Take note of your cues and chants! CLICK HERE

1.      Opening
a.       Get ready to inhale “THIS

2.      Android 
a.       *Stamp*-“AH-TE-MIS

3.      The Power
a.       And “YOU DON’T WANT THAT
b.      (one) “AH” (three) “TE” (five) “MIS” (seven) “GO
c.       (one) “HEY” (three) “HEY” (five) “HEY, AH-TE-MIS
d.       (first half combine/second half combine) “FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT”

4.      Transition
a.       DON’T STOP

5.      We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll
a.       Opening - “We don’t get DOWN like ya’ll” (emphasis on DOWN)
b.      (starting from 5th count) “AH-TE-MIS-LET’SGO”
c.       (one) “HEY” (three) “HEY” (five) “HEY” (seven) “HEY

6.      Live It Up
a.       (Clap your hands, go) “CLAP YOUR HANDS, CLAP YOUR HANDS, TO THE BEAT
b.      (during “Mela como”) “BRING THE BEAT BACK
c.       (arms part) “COOL, BLUE, SEX-XY, SCHOOLS, SLAM!
d.      (Hey hey hey part) “HEY (x12) READY TO GO!
e.        (Sing: Ohh, ohh, we can do) “ANYTHING WE WANT
f.        Continue singing
g.      GO, GO, GO, GO!
i.        (wave) “Wooooooooooooooooo
j.        (swipe, swipe) “OWNED IT

Owned it,
Fac Comm 13/14

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