23 Feb 2014

We Won Everyone's Hearts

A heartfelt letter from your Dance I/Cs:


Thank you J1s for the awesome night! You guys were purely EXTRAORDINARY! Thank you for the hard work every single one of you have put in to remember the moves, perfect the timings and sharpen your executions. You guys have braved the picky Dance I/Cs as well! :D

Not trying to sound cliché but even though we did not win, we felt like true winners because we could see the pride in all of your faces, and we received the roaring cheers from the entire school. The title does not matter. You all bonded together as a class, supported each other as a faculty, and totally let go and had fun. That is what is most important and would be etched in your memory for the rest of your lives. The faculty spirit that we see is extremely heartwarming, and the smiles on your faces despite your tired bodies, are what make everything we have gone through together worthwhile.  

Some of you apologised and were disappointed that you guys did not fulfill the Dance I/Cs' wishes. But guess what? YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY DID. We cannot ask for anything more because you guys gave your all and our performance was better than what we had ever imagine it to be. You are the best juniors we can ever wish for, the new pups of our homely pack. Many of you came up to offer us hugs, and cheer us up with your buttshakes after the results were announced - these acts really melted our hearts. Our tears streamed because of joy and happiness from all your hard work and dedication. And the gratitude for every single one of you who made everything that passed in these two weeks so surreal and fantastic.  

A special shout out to Artemis Councillors, MAD and selected J2s (for the weeks and weeks of non-stop practices), our friends, and seniors from past batches, your support and encouragement through the orientation period have been a great source of morale boost too. Every single one of you has played an essential part in building this Faculty.

We also want to say kudos to Apollo for lighting up the night, Athena for making the atmosphere High High and the champions Ares.

We are one faculty, one family. We danced together, laughed together, perspired together, cheered together, and this is will be one special shared memory for all of us. Though orientation is over, the journey never ends. The faculty spirit keeps us, as 24 classes and 600 individuals, together under one family that we call:   

Lots and lots of love,
QianHui and Rui Yu

March on, Artemis.
Even when the dance is over and the nearest person is more than an arm's length away,

Always remember: THE PACK'S GOT YOUR BACK.

20 Feb 2014

POP'14 Summary

Hey J1s! 

Before we begin, here are the details of POP:
  1. Friday 21st Feb, 8pm (keep tomorrow free!)
  2. Attire - Artemis Fac shirt and jeans
  3. We are the 3rd to perform, after Apollo and Athena

All pumped up for the awesome Artemis Fac Dance tomorrow? Can't get enough of it? Here are all the POP-related videos that can be found on our Youtube channel to refresh your memory!

Official Dance Version

Music Video

POP 2013 (Can ya'll surpass the standard of your seniors? ;P)

Formations for tomorrow!


Faculty Spirit
We really need every single one of you to be present for POP okayy! Points are given if our faculty is HIGH, HIGH and HIGH! So we need all of you to be enthu and shout all the chants AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE! (see chants below) You guys also need to respond to cheers initiated by the Dance ICs really loudly to show the judges our Artemis Fac Pride!

Summary: Drink redbull or something, BE CRAZY and HIGH.

Neatness and Synchronisation of moves
This is SUPER important. Today we kept emphasising on your LINES, LINES and LINES. We aim to be the faculty with the neatest rows okay! (See Ares fac dance 2012 and 2013 for the definition of neat) Even if our dance may not be the most impressive, it WILL BE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE if we are synchro and have straight line formations! (imagine how nice it will be if we march in sync..) We also emphasised a lot of your angles so must follow the people in front of you!

Summary: Stare at the head/feet at the people in front of you and make sure you mirror him.

Wow factor
Same thing as Neatness, if you want people to WOW at us, CHEER for us, keep your movements SHARP AND NEAT. Keep practicing the fac dance tonight and familiarize yourself with the beat and the dance steps, so everything will be super fluid and FULL OUT tomorrow!

The other judging criteria depends on the Dance ICs.. flow of dance and usage of props etc.

Now that y’all know the judging rubrics, please please please remember all we mentioned today and correct your mistakes!!! Do not repeat the same mistakes you’ve been making all this while, and put that effort to change J


Artemis, we can do it! We will make history! Give your all tomorrow, enjoy yourselves and leave central plaza with NO REGRETS. You guys have been awesome during the dance pracs and it's time to show the school what we are made of! We can own it.

Don't forget to download our soundtrack into your phones and listen to it everywhere you go. Take note of your cues and chants! CLICK HERE

1.      Opening
a.       Get ready to inhale “THIS

2.      Android 
a.       *Stamp*-“AH-TE-MIS

3.      The Power
a.       And “YOU DON’T WANT THAT
b.      (one) “AH” (three) “TE” (five) “MIS” (seven) “GO
c.       (one) “HEY” (three) “HEY” (five) “HEY, AH-TE-MIS
d.       (first half combine/second half combine) “FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT”

4.      Transition
a.       DON’T STOP

5.      We Don’t Get Down Like Ya’ll
a.       Opening - “We don’t get DOWN like ya’ll” (emphasis on DOWN)
b.      (starting from 5th count) “AH-TE-MIS-LET’SGO”
c.       (one) “HEY” (three) “HEY” (five) “HEY” (seven) “HEY

6.      Live It Up
a.       (Clap your hands, go) “CLAP YOUR HANDS, CLAP YOUR HANDS, TO THE BEAT
b.      (during “Mela como”) “BRING THE BEAT BACK
c.       (arms part) “COOL, BLUE, SEX-XY, SCHOOLS, SLAM!
d.      (Hey hey hey part) “HEY (x12) READY TO GO!
e.        (Sing: Ohh, ohh, we can do) “ANYTHING WE WANT
f.        Continue singing
g.      GO, GO, GO, GO!
i.        (wave) “Wooooooooooooooooo
j.        (swipe, swipe) “OWNED IT

Owned it,
Fac Comm 13/14

18 Feb 2014


Now that Orientation is over, here's a short recap of what happened the past week.

Campfire was unbelievable. The cheers from all of you during our dance showcase pumped our adrenaline on throughout the dance, the cheers from all of you got us shouting louder and louder, the cheers from all of you got us so proud of you guys. There and then, we knew that all the efforts and late nights we spent on the faculty dance was worth it.

Thank you each and every one of you for all the sweat, time and effort put into the SODACHE challenge. And, a special shoutout to 14S65, 14S7F and 14S6D, you guys were great. We might not have won SODACHE but you guys did an amazing job.

We did it. Artemis, Winners of War Games 2014.

Even with absolutely NO flags at the end of the 2nd quarter, you guys never gave up and kept fighting on. And by the end of the 4th quarter, we had 17 flags.  You have shown us what it is to believe, to never give up and to go against all odds.

The teamwork we witnessed on the field was insane. Cheering each other on whenever our attackers were attacking, when our scavengers were gathering ice cream sticks, when our medics were saving another Artemisian and when our thieves ran back with our own flags. Winning didn’t matter anymore; as one wolf pack, you’ve stood by each other even in the most difficult of times and showed the school what it means to be Artemisian.

We were ONE ARTEMIS fighting for the same goal. And we made it happen. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we’re just so proud of each and every single one of you. Thank you, Artemis.

And to our co-champions Ares, thank you for a game really well-played, congratulations! And kudos to Apollo and Athena, thank you, we hope you guys had fun too!

But it’s not over yet. POP is in 3 days. The week ahead will be tiring. But if we all work together, we will all have fun, we will all master the dance, and we will own it. So watch the dance tutorials and keep practicing. Come Friday, we’re gonna show the world what we’re worth. Here's the MV of our Artemis Fac Dance '14 if you haven't caught it yet!

And auditions for Dramafeste are now open! If you love acting, or have a thing for props, make-up and costumes, lights and sounds or publicity, do tell your senior CT reps!

And always remember,

With lots and lots and lots of love,
Fac Comm ‘13/14

(Photo credits: Mr Teo Ming Ern, Li Han Yi, Jeshua Soh, Nathanael Tan, Nguyen Kim)

13 Feb 2014

Welcome To The Pack

Hey Artemis!

This week, we kicked off the Faculty Orientation for our new J1 wolves with the Fac Meeting (videos are all posted below) and War Games (result unknown, but we all had fun). Some of you might have also noticed our publicity materials up around the school:

Fac Meeting Videos

To us senior wolves: It brings back memories, doesn't it? Though not all of us will be directly involved in the faculty events to come, be sure to give the J1s the same warm welcome that we had received from our seniors, and we'll still be doing our best to organize awesome activities for you.

To our new wolves: All that we needed to say has already been said- coming up next: Campfire, SMJ and POP. Without further ado, let us once again, say:

 Welcome To The Pack

Lots of Love,
Fac Comm 13/14

12 Feb 2014

The Time Has Come.

You know what this is. You know what to do.

Download the soundtrack HERE.

7 Feb 2014

Live It Up

A few more days to go before we release our Artemis Fac Dance 2014!

Here's another video teaser for all of you (:

All hyped up? We guarantee that this dance will be fun for everyone and for the J1s, don't worry cause dance practices will be as fun as what you see in the video!

20% Skills
40% Dedication
60% Dance
80% Fun
100% Artemis!

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14

Much Sounds, So Music

Can't wait for the release of Fac Dance 2014? Here are more audio teasers from the soundtrack!

Guess what the traditional "camera jump shots" are replaced with?

Even doge is looking forward to it.

Stay tuned because VIDEO TEASER #2 will be released tomorrow (Sat)! We promise that it will be more exciting, awesome and longer than our first (:

Many love,
Fac Comm 13/14

6 Feb 2014

Some Heavy Buttshaking Action!

Watch our first video teaser - a snippet of our Made-in-Cambodia music video which shows our COOLEST, BLUEST and SEXIEST dance moves!

Are you up for the challenge?

Fac Comm 13/14

4 Feb 2014

Get Ready to Inhale This!

It's the traditional Artemis Faculty Dance opening phrase... but with a twist!

This year, it's going to be different, it's going to be new and it's going to be EPIC.

Click the play button below to listen to our first AUDIO TEASER, a preview of our unique new opening.

Getting ready to inhale,
Fac Comm 13/14

3 Feb 2014

Countdown to POP 2014!


There's only one thing that's coming your way when you hear this phrase.. the ARTEMIS FACULTY DANCE!
Get ready for Fac Dance 2014!

We will be releasing several audio and video teasers (ear/eyegasm guaranteed) of the new Fac Dance from 4th Feb to 11th Feb via the coolbluesexy Artemis blog so remember to check them out!
Both the MUSIC VIDEO and the OFFICIAL DANCE VERSION will be released on 12th Feb  on our Youtube channel.

What are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes, get up on your feet, put your swagger on for POP'14!

Meanwhile, enjoy our OPEN HOUSE PERFORMANCE of Artemis Fac Dance 2013 (:

Fac Comm 13/14