31 Dec 2013

10 hours to 2014

Hey Artemis!

2014 is just around the corner- and it's sure to be jam-packed with new activities for all. For you, our Artemisian batchmates, the new J1s will be coming in this February and many of us are already preparing to welcome our juniors (whether they enjoy the welcome or not is up to us). Aside from that, this is the year that many of us will initiate SL projects, lead teams to competitions and have a hand in planning the Semester One performances. Even more pressing is the fact that A Levels will be held at the end of the year.

So here's a word from a bunch of naggers: despite your hectic study and CCA schedules, don't forget to take some time to rest, relax and enjoy this year with your friends and classmates. Look forward to Chinese New Year, Dramafeste, April Fools, Faculty CIP, FO1 and MAF. We'll work hard to make sure that there are a whole bunch of exciting and fun activities planned for you.

Some of you may have also noticed the black wolf silhouette on the new About Artemis page:

Get ready for the new Artemis wolfhead and faculty T-Shirt (only to be revealed at a later date).

In the meantime, while we're still making the best of the last few days of 2013, here's a late little something to celebrate Christmas and the Happy New Year: a message from your Faculty Heads, Lim Yi Fan and Ho Jin Yang:
Lots of Love,
Fac Comm 13/14