8 Nov 2013

Journey to the Centre of Bugis +(in Smart Casual)

Hey Artemis!

Tired after OP, or still practising for yours? Wish you had a break, or could fast forward to tomorrow? While all we can say to the latter is endure, and 加油 everyone, here's some other good news: FO2 IS ALMOST HERE! And these are just some general things to take note of:


There are only two rules for dressing in this FO.
1. AVOID shorts, FBTs  and slippers.
2. Be comfortable.

And these are the directions to Hood, with helping pictures, done by our own Fac Head and Dance IC truly:

1. Exit Bugis MRT

2. Turn right, towards the Girls' Generation Wall

3. Turn right, go into Bugis Junction and go up

4. Walk past Chewy Junior(who is also our sponsor) in B1 to find the escalator

5. Go to Level 2

6. Follow the signs to find the connecting bridge between Bugis Junction and Bugis+. Enter it.

7. Enter Bugis+

8. Find the escalator.

9. Go to Level 5

10. Light's Out @ Hood, Bugis +

(If still unsure, please ask your CT reps or other Artemisian friends for help along the way.) See you there!

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14

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