24 Nov 2013

And the Lights Went Out

Hey Artemis!

It's been nearly two weeks since our FO2 and the school year concluded, and we're sure that many of you have had a great time sleeping, slacking and having fun so far this holiday. Well, we won't distract you for long, except to give a great big THANK YOU for attending our first major event.

Thank you to the great performers:

To our sporting and very comical VIPs:

Especially our winning pair of VIPs from 13S61:

And last but not least- YOU, the faculty of Artemis.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support. We wouldn't have been able to come so far without you.

See you next time, and happy holidays!

(for more pictures, please check the Artemis flickr photostream under the Memories tab to the right from Monday onwards!)

Lots of love,
Fac Comm 13/14

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