24 Oct 2013

Lights Out!

Hey Artemis!

How far would you go to get an FO2 ticket? Would you book a date and save some cash? Or would you do what some did here?

(dislcaimer: nobody was harmed in the making of this video)

In about two weeks time, OP(and PW) will finally be over, and the Artemis FO2 is here to provide each and every one of you with the perfect way to celebrate! Come down this 10th November for an evening to remember. There'll be good music, delicious food, fun games and more!

FO2 promises to be a blast, an exciting event to be shared with your fellow friends in Artemis(and not of Artemis). And..don't worry, you won't have to do anything illegal to get a ticket.

Lights Out @ Hood, Bugis +. 10th November, 6-9pm

Artemisian tickets can be ordered anytime between now and this friday from your CT reps, for only $16 each. For non-Artemisians, tickets will be sold at $24, with ticket orders unconfirmed till further, personal, updates from Fac Comm members. Non Artemisian orders can be made here.

More details will be released at a later date- see you there!

Fac Comm 13/14