26 Aug 2013

Steal The Stage

Hey Artemis,
Guess what- Faculty Outing 2's just around the corner(after promos) and here's your chance to be a big part of it.
Ever wondered what it felt like to be up there?

To sing on stage, and just have fun?
Do you love to dance, to juggle, play an instrument or to do stand up comedy?

Do you have a special talent(of course you do) that you want to show to the world?

Well here's your chance- SIGN UP TO BE AN FO2 PERFORMER TODAY.
Auditions will be held after promos, though sign up will be available from today till Teacher's Day, 6th September. Performers will receive subsidised tickets to FO2, an exclusive backstage pass to all other performances and a great experience not to be missed. 

(just imagine all of your friends and classmates cheering for you)
So grab a friend, grab a guitar or grab a mike, if that's what you want- use FO2 as a stage to show everyone what you can do.
Please click on the survey below to sign up soon! Or sign up offline with the forms each of your CT reps have: 
Lots Of Love,
Faccomm 13/14

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