9 Aug 2013

Little Things

It’s the little things that count the most to each of us- the little gestures, of saying hello, of a gentle wave, or perhaps of not saying anything at all. Perhaps at this point, one would think that this post is about one’s friends, or family. In truth, this is about everyone.

Hey Artemis!

Have you seen these boxes and posters around?

(Judging from the fact that we ran out of post-its at each box within three hours, we’re guessing yes)

This week, Artemis showed our gratitude to the Higher Education Unit, the school cleaners, the security guards and the canteen vendors, writing notes of appreciation and placing them in/on various boards/boxes along the walkways. AND- for the past two weeks, our classes have been conducting their own individual gratitude month activities- cleaning the class benches, writing notes for their classmates/senior class and more. An outpouring of thankfulness, perhaps a little forced, we admit, but good-willed (we’re C1s too)

But with all this talk of every single Artemisian thanking others- friends, senior classes, HEU staff, cleaners etcetera, there’s two more groups of people to thank. Firstly, all of you.

Thank you for participating actively in Artemis Gratitude Month 2013, and for taking the time to make someone’s day. We hope that you felt the message Gratitude Month is trying to send, and strive to continue showing gratitude to others, even as this month comes to an end.

And secondly, the teachers.

In four days’ time, nominations for the Most Caring Teacher Award 2013, to be given out to awardees on Teacher’s Day, will close. So we all have from today till then to submit our nomination forms. Details are on EMB. Let’s wrap up Gratitude Month with one last thanking- to our teachers, for being there.

Lots of love,

Fac Comm 13/14

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