25 May 2013

End of CSM (& a message)

Hey Artemisians,
It's the end of the Combined Sports Meet and in case you guys missed out on all the action, our fellow Wolves swam their best and ran their hardest! They were super super super impressive on the track and in the pool!
You could almost see flames bursting out from their spikes and the webbed hands and feet they had at the pool :p all of them were super fast!

So without further ado,
Here are the results of the Combined Sports Meet!

J1 4X100: BOYS
J1 4X100: GIRLS
J2 4X100: BOYS
J2 4X100: GIRLS

12X200: BOYS
12X200: GIRLS

50m Breaststroke: BOYS
Samuel - 1st
50m Breaststroke: GIRLS
Joanna - 2nd
50m Freestyle: GIRLS
Jia Le - 2nd
50m Freestyle: BOYS
Adriel - 1st

4X50 Breaststroke: GIRLS
4X50 Breaststroke: BOYS

4X50 Freestyle: GIRLS
4X50 Freestyle: BOYS

So here's a BIG BIG BIG thank you to all the participants and I hope you all have recovered in the past week :P hope all of you enjoyed the run or swim and we definitely hope that the H2O was refreshing enough!
And as the FC term comes to a close,
The SICs would love to thank the faculty for all of your support in the past year! Without you guys and girls, Artemis would never have done so well in the sporting events, so thank you.

Here's a short (long) message from Wan Qing!
"After CSM was over, we are full of mixed feelings, that we shall attempt to express in words. For a start, we sincerely apologise for all the times we randomly called you up (sometimes really late at night :/) to persuade you to swim 50m breaststroke/freestyle, to help us run for 4x100m and 12x200m relays, and to participate in multiple events despite knowing that you will be tired, because we were in desperate need of people. You don't know how thankful we are towards your efforts in contributing to csm - no amount of 100-plus and H2O drinks can match the magnitude of our gratitude.
To all of you Artemisians, you may not particularly look forward to csm and feel enthusiastic about it... and we understand, because to you, there may not be an incentive, if any, for you to stay at the terraces instead of at the milo van, to sweat under the hot sun and cheer for Artemis. To us sports ics, csm means way more than just a bunch of you representing Artemis and the faculty cheering them on. To us, csm is one of the few avenues that allows total strangers to really come together. When runners and swimmers who totally dont know each other come together and try to win each relay, they get to know one another better and friendships are forged. When Artemisians cheer together at the terraces, whether momentarily or for the duration of CSM or for a considerably long period of time, you feel the fac pride bursting in us and the feeling of family. Conscious or not, we hope csm was as enjoyable an experience for you as it was for us.
In the end, when you look back, the results don't matter anymore. The encouraging messages you all sent to us personally, the way you flaunt how Artemis is the best fac ever, the smiles on your face as you cheer for Artemisians - those are the things that do matter. Thank you Artemis. Without your support, we couldn't have gone this far."

and from Wen Xuan:
"It's been a fun year for Artemisians for the various sporting events! :) I mean, we've had our fair share of wins and losses but it's been so enjoyable watching Artemisians cheer on one another and pull each other to join the sporting events!
And cheering has always been a Sports I/C thing and it always will be :) we hope that as your academic years come to a close, the Faculty cheers have impacted you in one way or another and hopefully, you'll be able to remember at least one cheer :> seeing the Faculty cheer as a whole is definitely something the Sports I/Cs take pride in.
To the J2s, let's work hard together in the 6 months to come, as a school, as a faculty. :> we can do this! Thank you for all the support for FoS and CSM, you guys and girls are the best! It's never been easier for CSM to pull you guys in! Thank you :) watching y'all run and swim and give it your all was so heartwarming :)
To the J1s, thanks for being such wonderful and cooperative Wolves! Hearing you all cheer was exhilarating. Support the next batch of Sports I/Cs and Fac Comm and help them bring Artemis to even greater heights!"

For the last time,
Thank you Artemis.

Sports I/Cs

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