12 May 2013

Combined Sport Meet ~

Hey Artemis!
Your Sports I/Cs are here to tell you thaaaattttt.. the annual Combined Sports Meet is coming! -gasp-
You don't have to be so shocked!

Anyway, many Wolves have already approached us to volunteer themselves to run and swim in different events! However, we still do not have enough volunteers (we are short of a few Wolves only!) .. What are you Wolves waiting for?!

Some of your fellow Wolves will be taking part in a 100 metre-dash with 3 other companions (4x100m), around a red, lined, oval-shaped surface at the Terraces, whilst others will be giving their all in a 200-metre run with 11 of their fellow Wolves (12x200m). They will be competing against the raging Bulls, the treacherous Horses and the diving Owls on the 17th of May!
Be sure to howl the loudest for them when you are at the Terraces!

However, be sure to note that some of the older Wolves (J2s) will be sprinting their 200 metres on Tuesday, 14th May! They will have other things in store for them on the 17th..

Not forgetting the Wolves that are the most able in water, they will be at the Pool, freestyling and breaststroking their way to victory in a 4-lap relay (4x50m), as well as a 1-lap dash to glory (50m Individuals)! They will also be swimming on the 17th of May!

Want to be a part of all this?
Sign-up while there are still slots for you Wolves! If not, we'll see you at the Terraces or the swimming pool, hearing you howl for your fellow Artemisian Wolves~

With love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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