19 May 2013

It was Once in a Blue Moon

Hey Artemis!

It's two weeks after FO and I'm not sure about you but we are still having POST FO BLUES!!!

We did our best planning the event and what made it the most memorable was your presence there! Thanks for being such a great audience! For the juniors, thank you for being so enthusiastic at your first FO! We hope you had fun! For the seniors, thanks for coming for your last FO, the Fac Comm really appreciated your support as our dearest classmates!

For those who missed the FO this time, here's what you missed:

Presenting to you, for the very last time, the 7th Artemis Faculty Committee

If you missed it this time, not to worry! There will be another Fac Outing at the end of the year, organized by the 13/14 Faculty Committee! We hope all of you enjoyed the FO as much as we did :)

With all our love,
Artemis FC 12/13

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