1 May 2013

2013 Faculty Heads Elections

Hey juniors :) 

It's been a long and fulfilling journey, but there comes a day when the old welcomes the new. 

3 of your batchmates will be running to be your Faculty Heads, to represent Artemis and lead the new Faculty Committee to new levels. 

 In no order of merit, they are:
Lim Yi Fan from 13S6B

Ho Jin Yang from 13S7B

Sabrina Lau from 13S7D

Do look out for them on Friday during CT period (3pm-4pm) at the HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM (due to Parent-Teacher meeting), so do make your way there swiftly after lessons so we can start punctually. Every decision counts, so cast your votes wisely!

Your Fac Heads, 
Kang Ming and Yi Xian

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