28 May 2013

For the Last Time

One year ago, we stepped up as members of the Artemis FacComm 12/13. Now, it is time for us to say goodbye.

Thank you for the ardent support and boundless enthusiasm, for laughing with us, sharing our pain and creating timeless memories that we will never forget.

We are the Artemis Faculty Committee 12/13 and we are honoured to have served you.

For the last time,

With Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13
Signing off

25 May 2013

End of CSM (& a message)

Hey Artemisians,
It's the end of the Combined Sports Meet and in case you guys missed out on all the action, our fellow Wolves swam their best and ran their hardest! They were super super super impressive on the track and in the pool!
You could almost see flames bursting out from their spikes and the webbed hands and feet they had at the pool :p all of them were super fast!

So without further ado,
Here are the results of the Combined Sports Meet!

J1 4X100: BOYS
J1 4X100: GIRLS
J2 4X100: BOYS
J2 4X100: GIRLS

12X200: BOYS
12X200: GIRLS

50m Breaststroke: BOYS
Samuel - 1st
50m Breaststroke: GIRLS
Joanna - 2nd
50m Freestyle: GIRLS
Jia Le - 2nd
50m Freestyle: BOYS
Adriel - 1st

4X50 Breaststroke: GIRLS
4X50 Breaststroke: BOYS

4X50 Freestyle: GIRLS
4X50 Freestyle: BOYS

So here's a BIG BIG BIG thank you to all the participants and I hope you all have recovered in the past week :P hope all of you enjoyed the run or swim and we definitely hope that the H2O was refreshing enough!
And as the FC term comes to a close,
The SICs would love to thank the faculty for all of your support in the past year! Without you guys and girls, Artemis would never have done so well in the sporting events, so thank you.

Here's a short (long) message from Wan Qing!
"After CSM was over, we are full of mixed feelings, that we shall attempt to express in words. For a start, we sincerely apologise for all the times we randomly called you up (sometimes really late at night :/) to persuade you to swim 50m breaststroke/freestyle, to help us run for 4x100m and 12x200m relays, and to participate in multiple events despite knowing that you will be tired, because we were in desperate need of people. You don't know how thankful we are towards your efforts in contributing to csm - no amount of 100-plus and H2O drinks can match the magnitude of our gratitude.
To all of you Artemisians, you may not particularly look forward to csm and feel enthusiastic about it... and we understand, because to you, there may not be an incentive, if any, for you to stay at the terraces instead of at the milo van, to sweat under the hot sun and cheer for Artemis. To us sports ics, csm means way more than just a bunch of you representing Artemis and the faculty cheering them on. To us, csm is one of the few avenues that allows total strangers to really come together. When runners and swimmers who totally dont know each other come together and try to win each relay, they get to know one another better and friendships are forged. When Artemisians cheer together at the terraces, whether momentarily or for the duration of CSM or for a considerably long period of time, you feel the fac pride bursting in us and the feeling of family. Conscious or not, we hope csm was as enjoyable an experience for you as it was for us.
In the end, when you look back, the results don't matter anymore. The encouraging messages you all sent to us personally, the way you flaunt how Artemis is the best fac ever, the smiles on your face as you cheer for Artemisians - those are the things that do matter. Thank you Artemis. Without your support, we couldn't have gone this far."

and from Wen Xuan:
"It's been a fun year for Artemisians for the various sporting events! :) I mean, we've had our fair share of wins and losses but it's been so enjoyable watching Artemisians cheer on one another and pull each other to join the sporting events!
And cheering has always been a Sports I/C thing and it always will be :) we hope that as your academic years come to a close, the Faculty cheers have impacted you in one way or another and hopefully, you'll be able to remember at least one cheer :> seeing the Faculty cheer as a whole is definitely something the Sports I/Cs take pride in.
To the J2s, let's work hard together in the 6 months to come, as a school, as a faculty. :> we can do this! Thank you for all the support for FoS and CSM, you guys and girls are the best! It's never been easier for CSM to pull you guys in! Thank you :) watching y'all run and swim and give it your all was so heartwarming :)
To the J1s, thanks for being such wonderful and cooperative Wolves! Hearing you all cheer was exhilarating. Support the next batch of Sports I/Cs and Fac Comm and help them bring Artemis to even greater heights!"

For the last time,
Thank you Artemis.

Sports I/Cs

19 May 2013

It was Once in a Blue Moon

Hey Artemis!

It's two weeks after FO and I'm not sure about you but we are still having POST FO BLUES!!!

We did our best planning the event and what made it the most memorable was your presence there! Thanks for being such a great audience! For the juniors, thank you for being so enthusiastic at your first FO! We hope you had fun! For the seniors, thanks for coming for your last FO, the Fac Comm really appreciated your support as our dearest classmates!

For those who missed the FO this time, here's what you missed:

Presenting to you, for the very last time, the 7th Artemis Faculty Committee

If you missed it this time, not to worry! There will be another Fac Outing at the end of the year, organized by the 13/14 Faculty Committee! We hope all of you enjoyed the FO as much as we did :)

With all our love,
Artemis FC 12/13

New faces, fresh changes (:

Hi Artemis!

After a week long of tiring interviews and tough decisions, the results for Artemis Fac Comm 13-14 are out!!

Before anything else, we would like to thank every single one of you who came down for the interviews! All of you did great so we had a tough time making decisions but ultimately, we had to make a choice. We really appreciate all your efforts and we hope everyone continues to strive for the best of the faculty! (:

And now, introducing to you, proud wolves of the new Artemis Fac Comm 13-14!

13S61Justin Arista KasinLogistics I/C
13S63Tan Yi Xuan DeniseActivities I/C
13S63Boey Rui YuDance I/C
13S65Xu MingluSports I/C
13S67Amanda Chua Xin YiSports I/C
13S67Zeng FangniPublicity I/C
13S69Low Ying NingSecretary-treasurer
13S6BYong Shu Wei AndreaActivities I/C
13S6BLim Yi FanFaculty Head
13S6DMa XavierActivities I/C
13S6FJoshua Tan Xian DaLogistics I/C
13S6HTan Ze NuoPublicity I/C
13S7BMa QianHuiDance I/C
13S7BHo Jin YangFaculty Head
13S7DDu XiaochenActivities I/C
13S7FJia Ye Tanoto LimPublicity I/C

Artemis FC 13-14 will definitely try our best in whatever we do for this faculty we all love! And we sincerely hope that every single Artemisian will lend give us your support as we work to improve our faculty, for our faculty. 


"Now is the Law of the Jungle---as old and true as the sky; 
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die. 
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk, the Law runneth forward and back
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." 
Rudyard Kipling

With love,
165cm and 180cm

12 May 2013

Combined Sport Meet ~

Hey Artemis!
Your Sports I/Cs are here to tell you thaaaattttt.. the annual Combined Sports Meet is coming! -gasp-
You don't have to be so shocked!

Anyway, many Wolves have already approached us to volunteer themselves to run and swim in different events! However, we still do not have enough volunteers (we are short of a few Wolves only!) .. What are you Wolves waiting for?!

Some of your fellow Wolves will be taking part in a 100 metre-dash with 3 other companions (4x100m), around a red, lined, oval-shaped surface at the Terraces, whilst others will be giving their all in a 200-metre run with 11 of their fellow Wolves (12x200m). They will be competing against the raging Bulls, the treacherous Horses and the diving Owls on the 17th of May!
Be sure to howl the loudest for them when you are at the Terraces!

However, be sure to note that some of the older Wolves (J2s) will be sprinting their 200 metres on Tuesday, 14th May! They will have other things in store for them on the 17th..

Not forgetting the Wolves that are the most able in water, they will be at the Pool, freestyling and breaststroking their way to victory in a 4-lap relay (4x50m), as well as a 1-lap dash to glory (50m Individuals)! They will also be swimming on the 17th of May!

Want to be a part of all this?
Sign-up while there are still slots for you Wolves! If not, we'll see you at the Terraces or the swimming pool, hearing you howl for your fellow Artemisian Wolves~

With love,
Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

11 May 2013


Hey Artemis!

Just last week, we handed out copies of the very first issue of BLUEPRINT. If you have not read it, do check out the electronic version below (or here)!

In this very first issue, we feature the secrets behind winning the Fac Shield and Dramafeste! Check out a list of cool (and perhaps even hilarious) facts about our Fac Dance, as well as an interview with our Dramafeste director and scriptwriter, Arthur Chionh from 12S7H!

Do give us a thumbs up on Issuu if you enjoy reading our newsletter, and you may also comment there on what you'd like to see for our next issue :)

ArtemisFacComm 12/13

4 May 2013

The Trip to the Blue Moon!

Hey Artemisians!
Here are the directions to get to our Faculty Outing Venue, The Chevrons!          

1) Alight at Jurong East MRT Station!

2) Take the escalator down to the first floor.

3) Turn left and head for Jurong East Temporary Interchange.


4) Head towards the signage as seen below. Look out for buses 52 and 105.

5) Board either of the buses and alight at “Opp The Synergy”. Alight 6 stops later after you board the bus at Jurong East temporary interchange.

6) Walk into The Chevrons.

7) Walk in straight and turn left.

You have chosen.

Hey Artemis!

The results of the Faculty Heads Elections are out!

Your new faculty heads are...

HO JIN YANG from 13S7B

and LIM YI FAN from 13S6B!

Do support them in the coming year, and look forward to a great one with the awesome events lined up just for you!

Due to the fact that Jin Yang and Yi Fan will be working their butts off in the coming week in the Actors and Props teams respectively for Huang Cheng, the Faculty Committee interviews will only be held on the following week (13th-17th May)! We hope you understand and DO SUPPORT YOUR NEW FAC HEADS AND GO FOR HUANGCHENG! :)

Your (retiring) Fac Heads,
Kang Ming and Yi Xian :)

1 May 2013

2013 Faculty Heads Elections

Hey juniors :) 

It's been a long and fulfilling journey, but there comes a day when the old welcomes the new. 

3 of your batchmates will be running to be your Faculty Heads, to represent Artemis and lead the new Faculty Committee to new levels. 

 In no order of merit, they are:
Lim Yi Fan from 13S6B

Ho Jin Yang from 13S7B

Sabrina Lau from 13S7D

Do look out for them on Friday during CT period (3pm-4pm) at the HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM (due to Parent-Teacher meeting), so do make your way there swiftly after lessons so we can start punctually. Every decision counts, so cast your votes wisely!

Your Fac Heads, 
Kang Ming and Yi Xian