16 Apr 2013

We Want You.

Hey C1s!

Feeling dejected that Fac CIP is over?
Brooding over your upcoming Lecture Tests?
Feeling like it’s the end of the world because your life has no meaning?

Fret not – because Fac Comm selection is right around the corner!

For those who aren’t jumping around the room dancing like a chicken… I mean… rejoicing at this moment, you probably should hear us out.

Here are 10 (random) reasons why YOU should join Fac Comm:

1. Experience first-hand and behind-the-scenes action in planning faculty events!

Ever wondered how planning goes for mega-events like Fac CIP, Fac Outings and Orientation? Like how every stroke of the brush is important towards how a banner turns out, every single Fac Comm member and their efforts piece our events so they come out beautifully. Why not be a part of us? :)

2. We want awesome juniors!

If you have a specific skill set like a knack at drawing and designing or the ability to groove to the beat, why not sign up and serve the faculty? Those awesome banners, events, cheers and even our Fac Dance next year could be your proud work J

3. Get close to the teachers (without having to break any rules)

We have awesome faculty teachers and we mean it! Have a chance to work with them and interact with them on a much more personal level, because hey, don’t we all dream of doing that ;)

4. Meet the family!

You’ll get to meet a group of 15 people who share the same burning passion as you for Artemis, and the arduous journey would be made easier with the crazy times shared with them! Who knows? Maybe they’ll be your lifelong buddies!

5. Stalking Artemisians without being judged!

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all blue… so why not make full use of them? ;)

6. Leadership outside of your CCA!

If your passion in leadership doesn't lie in your CCA, Fac Comm's the place for you!

7. Hone your skills and leadership potential!

You will definitely be given many opportunities to lead your class, let alone the faculty! Through these experiences you’ll learn more about yourself, skills like video-editing and banner painting, and even develop as a leader.

8. Have an excuse to wear blue ALL THE TIMEEE

No kidding – you practically see us in blue whenever we’re in school, and even outside of school! We like to stay cool and stay blue y’know ;)

9. Bring the faculty to greater heights!

What better way to show your love to the faculty by rising to the occasion and LEAD the faculty? Carry on our legacy and ignite the faculty pride of the next batch of C1s!

10. FUN!

Last but not least, Fac Comm is nothing but pure fun, really. We have fun slogging our guts out for the faculty because it’s truly what we are passionate for, plus there’s awesome company though it all. You won’t wanna miss this J

So what are you waiting for? JOIN THE TEAM. NOW.

If you’re running for CT Rep, do remember to indicate to your teachers! Do note that you will have to run as an interim CT Rep before your teacher is able to nominate you as CT Rep. Your teachers will be submitting the nominations by 26th April so if you're keen to be the CT Rep of your class, please run as an interim CT Rep by then!

Look out for further details regarding the selection following closely after the Fac Head elections!

Do direct any burning questions to our ask.fm account: http://ask.fm/ArtemisFaculty!

Artemis Fac Comm 12/13

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