25 Apr 2013

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON - An Artemis Faculty Outing

When the moon shines blue, the wolves will howl on cue.

This blue moon, Artemisians young and old young will be embarking on an exciting adventure.


Presenting to you, an Artemis Faculty Outing – Once in a Blue Moon

And because the "Top 10 Reasons Why Should Come" is just so overused, we’ll give you 1 good reason why you shouldn't come! 


Oh wait, I can't think of any :P

I mean, seriously, Faculty Outings can't get any better than this! 

Once in a blue moon, us wolves get to go crazy (..crazy 'till we see the moon) and party the night away! 

Once in a blue moon, guys get to see girls all dressed up in insanely pretty dresses and girls get to see all the hunky guys dressed smartly ;D For C2 wolves who think they've seen it all, don't be so sure! This faculty outing will be out of this world.

Once in a blue moon, you get to enjoy a fantastic night filled with performances so good they're unreal. 

Once in a blue moon, you get to witness the intense fight among our Faculty Hunter and Huntress candidates to prove themselves worthy of the title. I'm sure many of you will enjoy seeing the couples-to-be catfight hunt each other down ;)

Once in a blue moon, you get to take a break from the boring, stressful, exhausting, dreary etc. etc. experience that is school, and spend some time with your friends while you still can. For the C2s, this will be one of the last few moments you have to de-stress, so leave no regrets, leave the mugging time, and let's have some fun.

Interested? Of course you are.

Simply order tickets to the Faculty Outing from your CT reps!
For non-Artemisians, approach any FC member to order your tickets!

Wolves: $16
Others: $22


5 MAY 2013


Show up in something blue ;)

We’ll see you there! 

With love from your fellow wolves, 
Artemis FC '12'13

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