30 Apr 2013

Beware our Faculty Hunters and Huntresses

The moon has long been associated with madness, hence the word "lunacy". During the rare blue moon, all that is insane and impossible comes to life, and all your wildest dreams are realized - which is pretty unfortunate for the 12 tribes of the Kingdom of Artemis. The goddess Artemis, while known for being the goddess of the hunt, also happens to be the personification of the moon, and requires human sacrifices every blue moon. 

This blue moon, 12 hunters and huntresses from each tribe were sent to the Dark Forest, but 11 couples will fall prey to the werewolf. The last 2 standing will return to their tribe as champions, believed to be the Goddess' Chosen Ones and crowned as Faculty Hunter and Huntress.

From 13S61
Justin Arista Kasin and Tan Gee Ping

A legendary warrior that weaves his skillful intellect with nimble agility; he is the pinnacle of perfection; he is Justin. He who strives to loyally watch over the pack that is 13s61, to protect the well-being of each and every soul even if it means to sacrifice everything he has.

An elegant entity who hails from a supreme race; she possesses mind-blowing abilities; she has omniscient possesses mind-blowing abilities; she is Gee Ping. Her blissful presence brings about an air of superiority and homeliness at the same time, being the bridge that links all within 13s61.

From 13S63
Lee Dao Ming and Shi Yu Yan

Dao Ming has carried us through times of difficulty, but he is no Prince Charming - he's the horse which carries him.

YuYan is a beauty in the making with an elegant smile and sparkling eyes, but she's also a brave lady who will strive to do her best in everything.

Best of all, she has excellent chemistry with Dao Ming. Having worked together for countless occasions, they upon us like the Sun and the Moon.

From 13S65
Emil Lim Zhao Wei and Teng Xin Yu Amber

Rather narcissistic and unquestionably self-obsessed, he frequently stares into the mirror to admire himself. His pristine white teeth, small muscles and tummy are admired by many women, especially his huntress.

His huntress, Amber, is nothing remarkable, really. She's just a regular human who managed to catch Emil's attention. She hides behind bushes, hang from trees, leans in from behind doors, just to drink in the sight of Emil and listen to his breathing as if it's her own life supply.

From 13S67
Tan Lai Heng and Amanda Chua Xin Yi

Reason why the class nominated him to be the hunter is because he likes to have fun and loves sports a lot. He is fun sized but strong. Despite his forbidding demeanor, Lai Heng is a friendly person and loves to eat almost anything.

Reason why the class nominated her to be the huntress is because she is a boss! She acted as Mulan in Dramafeste and won the Best Actress award. AShe's also extremely strong; she threw metal disc into the air so hard that people mistook it as a flying saucer.

From 13S69
Heng Jian Shun and Boi Yu Shan

A cool guy who loves climbing mountains, he enjoys the process of mounting animals and climbing to tall ground. Mountain climbing, which has been part and parcel of his life recently, reflects his persistence and undying spirit to pursue what he wants. He is Heng Jian Shun.

Her "friendship" with Jian Shun mounts by the day. Yu Shan is a helpful individual, always willing to lend a helping hand to people around her. A role model for the peers around her, she suits the title of Fac Huntress because of her unyielding spirit and sporting attitude. She is Boi Yu Shan.

From 13S6B
Bryan Lye Jun Huang and Jin Bei

From 13S6B, a power-pair will rise; none other than Bryan and Jin Bei. 

Bryan, absolute Linkin Park fan, strives hard to achieve his dreams while staying true to the child inside. 

Jin Bei, originating from Ningbo, is well known in S6B by the alias “Absolute Mugger” and carries a Starbucks tumbler. 

We’ve got the brains and the brawn! Look out Artemis, we’ve got two badasses here. Hear them roar!

From 13S6D
Joshua Ng Qi Hao and Tiffany Tan Ge Ru

The girl in his heart is the one and only Tiffany. Being the gentleman that he is, he always holds doors for girls (and guys) and ensures that his friends are always full and happy with his endless supply of Haribos. So sweet right! But do not mistake him for his twin though. They look the same, sound the same, but Joshua has that little bit more of swag (and a mole near his chin). 

Do not be fooled by her muscles, she’s actually very feminine and sweet and ladylike. With teeth that shine so bright and eyes that glisten under the moonlight, her smile never fails to capture any guy’s heart Give her a netball and she will score. Give her a paddle and she will row. Give her your heart and she will take care of it. Yup, that’s Tiffany.

From 13S6F
Zheng Jia Li and Jillian Kau Jie Yi

Well known for being a glutton, Jia Li stops at nothing to hunt down his prey and obtain the food he needs. He cares greatly for those that are in his team. Although winning isn’t his main priority, he tries his best and ultimately enjoys himself and always attains victory in the process.

A girl with many talents. Not only has she been peer-praised for her drawing, singing and dancing skills, she has even been commended for her strong physical power. Beware the consequences if she is provoked. She believes that she will be the one to carry her Fac Hunter instead of the other way round during the games.

From 13S6H
Tan Ze Nuo and Hannah Lee Ching Yee

Ze Nuo: Just your average guy on the street ... Until his entire life changed when he got arrived to represent his 'tribe' as hunter.

Hannah: I am slow but I give my best in everything that I do. Most importantly, my passion for and loyalty to Artemis cannot be beaten!

From 13S7B 
Xia Nan and Wang Ruo Ni

Xianan the brave intense romantic 
Set his eyes on the huntress enigmatic 
The attraction between him and Ruo Ni was automatic 
A progression surreal, and oh so dramatic 

Such love indescribably bombastic 
Pulls them together like a band elastic 
His innate desire so fantastic 
Will last forever just like plastic

From 13S7D
Du Xiao Chen and Leong Xuan Li

If he is the hunter, everyone is the hunted. With no fear of the Big Bad Wolf, Xiao Chen goes to the Dark Forest for his morning exercise.

Xuan Li is amazingly gracious, a Queen fit for the Kingdom of Hunters. who would complement Xiao Chen well.

Long live the King and Queen.

From 13S7F
Wang Zhong Yu and Jia Ye Tanoto Lim

Zhong Yu is a responsible and caring person who would always pull his teammate up when they have fallen. He is a leader who is enthusiastic and fun loving and always ready to help anyone in need. As such, he is befitting of the Fac Hunter title.

Jia Ye is super smart and caring! When the going gets tough, she will be there to provide moral support. Her presence is always felt and it always soothes anyone's troubled soul. AWESOME and 性感! As such, she is befitting of the Fac Huntress title.

Who do you think will win slaughter the Big Bad Wolf and become the Faculty Hunter and Huntress?

Come to Once in a Blue Moon to witness their fight and lend your support to your favourite candidates!

With love,
Artemis FC '12'13

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