13 Mar 2013

onCamera: Dramafeste'13

Here are some scenes on stage that we have captured!

"Time to call up those unwanted girls again!"

Charming meets Crystal

Deciding the order of meeting Charming. "Ariela first!"

"What do you want from me!?"

Moulin Rouge, filled with lust

"You are deported!"

Zarapunzel attempts to have some private time with Charming...

...but interrupted by the desperate Red Riding Hood

"Oh grandma!"

"What do you get when a bull marries sleeping beauty? A bulldozer!"

Red Riding Hood drunk on alcohol and jokes


"Who is this boy I see..."

"You shall now be known as... 帅哥!"

"Ello! I am Charming's long lost cousin ah!"

"This apple is rather... sweet..."

"Wake up, ma'am! Ariela work for you, you must pay Ariela, ma'am!"


Finally, the Artemis Dramafeste'13 family.
Great job cast and crew, you have done us proud :)

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