9 Mar 2013

And so it ends with a happily-ever-after...



CONGRATULATIONS to our Dramafeste 2013 Cast and Crew. 
Best play, guys. BEST. PLAY. 
Our first Best Play award in the 7 years of Dramafeste history.

We did it.
We made history, again.

To be honest though, what made this year's Dramafeste so amazing weren't the golden trophies. It was the cast and crew. Never have we expected to have such a sweet, fun and dedicated group of people. All 70+ hours of exhausting hard work, they were worth it, because we're sure that it wasn't just the audience who enjoyed Dramafeste. Each and every one of us did, and that, above all, is a reason for us to be proud.

Thank you. For everything.

With lots and lots and lots of love,
Your Dramafeste i/cs,
Tiffany and Wen Xuan

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