7 Mar 2013



To all the common folk of my majestic Kingdom of Artemis, 

I, Prince Charming the 21st, hereby proudly (and rightfully so) announce that the grand Ball that I am sure many of you are just dying to attend will be held tomorrow at the Grand Ballroom (a.k.a. LT3) of my Royal Palace.

Now, I shall generously bestow upon you a sneak peek of tomorrow and Friday's events:


I can't wait for tomorrow's festivities! I'm sure I will be so much more  Charming (the adjective) after I turn 18...and you will get the honour of witnessing my birthday. Isn't this exciting? :D

With pride,
Your Amazing and Absolutely Charming Majesty
Prince Charming the 21st

p.s. Do forgive the rather informal tone of this message :< I had to fire my Royal Scribe (that poor fellow...) because I used his salary to buy myself a pretty gold crown for tomorrow's party!

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