29 Mar 2013

Calling all aspiring performers ~

Hey Artemisians!
C2s: Tired after block tests?

Anyone: Simply looking for a night of pure enjoyment with your friends and classmates?

Here's your chance, just head straight down to our very own Artemis Faculty Outing 1 2013!
Don't tell anyone, but our theme is STILL A SECRET HAHAHA.


But like any other event, it wouldn't be considered a success without entertaining and wonderful performers..

So why not make our Faculty Outing 1 wonderful and enjoyable for all?
If you have a knack at melting hearts with your voice(s),

Can move well to the beat,

Enjoy making people laugh,

Can beat a box,

Or have any other interesting and noteworthy talents, come one down for our auditions? What are you even waiting for!? Here's your chance to be part of Artemis' history :)

The auditions will be held in LT3 on 8 April (4pm – 7.30pm) and 11 April (5.30pm – 8pm).
Meanwhile, form a group or go solo, practice, and impress us at the auditions!

Your senior CT reps will be passing down the sign-up sheets so don't you worry about it, just focus on your practice! (If you're really afraid of missing out on an update on our blog, do visit this post right here [CLICK] - if you're on Android, there are instructions too, read carefully!)

With lots and lots and lots of love,
♥ Artemis Fac Comm ’12 – ‘13

P.S. Performers get to go Fac Outing F.O.C ;o (TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY)

13 Mar 2013

onCamera: Dramafeste'13

Here are some scenes on stage that we have captured!

"Time to call up those unwanted girls again!"

Charming meets Crystal

Deciding the order of meeting Charming. "Ariela first!"

"What do you want from me!?"

Moulin Rouge, filled with lust

"You are deported!"

Zarapunzel attempts to have some private time with Charming...

...but interrupted by the desperate Red Riding Hood

"Oh grandma!"

"What do you get when a bull marries sleeping beauty? A bulldozer!"

Red Riding Hood drunk on alcohol and jokes


"Who is this boy I see..."

"You shall now be known as... 帅哥!"

"Ello! I am Charming's long lost cousin ah!"

"This apple is rather... sweet..."

"Wake up, ma'am! Ariela work for you, you must pay Ariela, ma'am!"


Finally, the Artemis Dramafeste'13 family.
Great job cast and crew, you have done us proud :)

9 Mar 2013

And so it ends with a happily-ever-after...



CONGRATULATIONS to our Dramafeste 2013 Cast and Crew. 
Best play, guys. BEST. PLAY. 
Our first Best Play award in the 7 years of Dramafeste history.

We did it.
We made history, again.

To be honest though, what made this year's Dramafeste so amazing weren't the golden trophies. It was the cast and crew. Never have we expected to have such a sweet, fun and dedicated group of people. All 70+ hours of exhausting hard work, they were worth it, because we're sure that it wasn't just the audience who enjoyed Dramafeste. Each and every one of us did, and that, above all, is a reason for us to be proud.

Thank you. For everything.

With lots and lots and lots of love,
Your Dramafeste i/cs,
Tiffany and Wen Xuan

7 Mar 2013



To all the common folk of my majestic Kingdom of Artemis, 

I, Prince Charming the 21st, hereby proudly (and rightfully so) announce that the grand Ball that I am sure many of you are just dying to attend will be held tomorrow at the Grand Ballroom (a.k.a. LT3) of my Royal Palace.

Now, I shall generously bestow upon you a sneak peek of tomorrow and Friday's events:


I can't wait for tomorrow's festivities! I'm sure I will be so much more  Charming (the adjective) after I turn 18...and you will get the honour of witnessing my birthday. Isn't this exciting? :D

With pride,
Your Amazing and Absolutely Charming Majesty
Prince Charming the 21st

p.s. Do forgive the rather informal tone of this message :< I had to fire my Royal Scribe (that poor fellow...) because I used his salary to buy myself a pretty gold crown for tomorrow's party!